Ahsoka’s Pacing Divides Star Wars Fans: Is it Too Slow?

Ahsoka’s Pacing Divides Star Wars Fans
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka’s Pacing Divides Star Wars Fans
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka has premiered with largely favorable reviews. But not everyone is happy. It seems that Ahsoka's pacing disappointed some fans. So, how slow is it, and is the pacing that much of a problem?

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Ahsoka's Pacing Divides Fans

Ahsoka's Pacing Divides Fans
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka's double premiere, especially the first episode, is admittedly slower than what Star Wars fans are used to, especially for her character.

We've seen Ahsoka in plenty of epic moments, full of action that allows her abilities to shine.

Some viewers found the characters' pensiveness and introspection a bit tiring, even if they enjoyed other elements of the show.

Adding to the frustration, is the prolonged, slightly angsty tension between Ahsoka and her former mentee, Sabine Wren, without even exact details about their history.

While the pacing does improve in Episode 2 (which justifies the marketing choice to feature the first two episodes together, rather than letting Episode 1 air alone) the premiere mostly sets the scene.

Other than that, we didn't get much information that hadn't already been pieced together by watching the trailers, with some viewers feeling that the end product (so far) doesn't do Ahsoka Tano justice.

But not everyone in the fandom is disappointed; quite the opposite.

Many viewers loved the slow burner particularly because it's different from the sometimes unforgiving pace of other action and fantasy shows

Some fans even consider Ahsoka's slower pace to be a welcome change after other, more action-packed shows like The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Is Ahsoka's Pacing That Bad? Is It Just Too Slow?

Is Ahsoka Too Slow
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Ultimately, whether Ahsoka's pacing works or not is personal for each fan, but even if you thought Episode 1 was too slow, it won't necessarily be a show-breaker in the long run.

First of all, if you don't count Ahsoka's much briefer appearances in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett it's our first time seeing her live-action in full-length episodes.

The animated shows where she's previously been had much shorter episodes, and, being animated, they had to keep young viewers in mind so they were more concerned with keeping a fast pace and a fun vibe.

But less action and more exposition in the first few episodes don't necessarily reflect on the quality of a show.

Remember that Andor was also considered too slow at first, but it's now being hailed as one of the best Star Wars shows.

Andor achieved this due to its willingness to break the Star Wars mold and take its time instead of relying on action for the sake of it.

Ahsoka might be aiming for a more Force-filled version of the same, though more episodes should come out before we reach definitive conclusions.

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