Psyduck Stars in Adorable Pokemon Stop-Motion Animated Series Trailer

Pokemon Concierge Psyduck

Pokemon Concierge Psyduck

The Pokemon Company announced lots of upcoming projects during its recent anniversary stream. Among them is Pokemon Concierge, an adorable stop-motion animated series that will star the ever-popular Psyduck.

While fans will have to wait a while before the show gets released, what we do know is that it will be released on Netflix, and it should be familiar to those who have watched Netflix’s other stop-motion projects.

With this reveal, Pokemon fans have a lot to be excited about, especially with the debut of the next anime series this April.

Pokemon Presents Announcements

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Aside from anime projects, there were also a couple of exciting reveals during the stream.

First off, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero was announced for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it is the first DLC pack for the game.

Specifically, this pack features two upcoming expansions that will be released in Fall and Winter 2023, respectively.

Another reveal that delighted fans is Pokemon Sleep. While it has been announced years ago, a new update has finally been given about this Pokemon-themed sleep tracker which will be released in Summer 2023.

Pokemon Concierge was also revealed during the stream, and its announcement came in the form of a short teaser trailer.

From the looks of it, this new show will be a delightfully chill experience for Pokemon fans.

Meanwhile, no update was given on the long-awaited next Pokemon anime.

While a new series is always exciting, this next installment is a game-changer, as it will be the first not to feature Ash Ketchum as the protagonist.

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Netflix Reveals Pokemon Concierge Stop-Motion Animated Series

Pokemon Concierge’s teaser trailer shows Psyduck cutely walking on a beach. He soon looks up and does his signature “headache” pose.

In the meantime, a voiceover plays that gives fans an idea of what to expect.

The show’s familiar look is also because it is being made by dwarf studios, the same studio behind Netflix’s Rilakkuma and Kaoru stop-motion series.

While not shown in the trailer, Netflix shared a poster that reveals one of the show’s characters named Haru.

Currently, there’s not a lot of info about the show yet, though we do have an idea of what it will be about.

Specifically, it will follow Haru, a worker at the Pokemon Resort, and Psyduck, who will meet fellow Pokemon and trainers there.

Given how long the production process is for stop-motion shows like this, there’s no word yet on a release date.

Fans will likely have to wait until late 2023 (at the earliest) before it comes out.

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