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Next Pokemon Anime Will Not Star Ash Ketchum for the First Time Ever

Next Pokemon Anime Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum has been synonymous with the Pokemon series since its beginning, but now, a new era is upon us. The next Pokemon anime has just been announced, and it will not star Ash Ketchum for the first time ever.

Ash Ketchum Finally Becomes the Best Pokemon Trainer

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Over the last 25 years, Ash Ketchum (aka Satoshi in Japan) served as the protagonist of every single Pokemon anime series.

Despite Ash’s mysterious ability to stay the same age over the decades, fans have become accustomed to watching him go on a quest to not only catch ‘em all but also to become the best Pokemon trainer (like no one ever was).

Last month, Ash finally achieved his goal of becoming the best Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series that’s set across all eight regions, including the Galar region in Sword and Shield.

During the finals, Ash faced off against the strongest trainers in all the regions, and he emerged victorious after defeating Leon of the Galar region to become the #1-ranked trainer in the world.

This was a momentous occasion for the community as it seemed to mark a new era for the series.

After all, after becoming the best, many wondered about what comes next for Ash.

Now, it seems that the torch is being passed to a new generation of trainers for the next anime series.

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New Pokemon Anime Protagonists, Release Date

The new Pokemon anime was announced earlier today with its first key visual.

Along with the reveal of the next series, details about the show were shared along with its first teaser trailer.

You can check out the teaser for the new Pokemon anime here:

As Scarlet and Violet was just released, the next anime will be set in the new Paldea region.

It will also follow two new characters – a girl and a boy – who will seemingly travel together alongside the region’s three starters.

Right now, there’s not a lot of info yet about the story aside from what was shared. There’s also no word on whether Ash will make an appearance in the series.

Though it’s safe to say that this new Pokemon series will likely feature a similar story as the previous ones, meaning it’ll follow the two new protagonists on their journey to becoming Pokemon masters.

The next Pokemon anime will premiere in April 2023.

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Source: TV Tokyo website and official Pokemon Twitter account

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