#ProtectSuga Trends on Twitter After BTS Member Becomes Subject of Hate For Praising Taeyang, Big Bang

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

The hashtag #ProtectSuga trended on Twitter after several social media fans targeted Suga with hatred following his interview with Big Bang’s Taeyang on the third episode of the BTS member's talk show, SuChwiTa.

With the admiration that Suga showed Taeyang, praising him and his band, Big Bang, for their legacy, some BTS fans got angry, claiming he had thrown them under the bus with the things he told the “Vibe” singer.

BTS, Big Bang Fans Defend Suga

Suga claimed that he and his fellow BTS members started their music careers after seeing Big Bang.

After that, a lot of toxic fans started to badmouth Suga to the point they were already asking him to leave the group.

In a series of posts on Twitter, one fan sarcastically thanked the idol for “setting up” his fans with “criminal stans,” referring to Taeyang and his other Big Bang co-members.

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“Suga just gave the VIPs something to weaponize tbh. He was laying it on a bit too much,” another claimed.

A different fan accused Suga of being weird for talking that way to Taeyang and disrespecting the whole BTS career after saying Big Bang made BTS.

So to stop the hate, the VIP and ARMY have come together to defend Suga, making #ProtectSuga a trend on Twitter.

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They asked everyone to report and block the accounts that would paint Suga badly for praising Taeyang and Big Bang.

Suga Praises Taeyang

During the interview, Suga had nothing but praise for Taeyang and his band, Big Bang. He even couldn’t help but be a fanboy in front of him.

"I'm so nervous because I'm such a huge fan. Today's guest is really making me nervous,” he said.

Suga claimed Big Bang had been their role model, and they were the reason they started their career.

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"It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that BIGBANG practically made BTS. You were musicians that I aspired to be like as a kid,” he continued.

"BIGBANG is legendary,” he added. "We can't talk about Korean music history without BIGBANG. You left a huge legacy. There are so many young singers running forward after watching you. So, I hope that you keep on performing forever. Please don't retire."

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