Princess Eugenie, Beatrice Losing Royal Titles Under King Charles Reign Due to Prince Andrew’s Conduct? Prince William and Harry’s Cousins to Face the Adverse Effects of Their Dad’s Disastrous Action

Credit: The List/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The List/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles III has been open about his intention to streamline the British monarchy. However, aside from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's kids probably losing their royal titles, Prince Andrew's two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, might face the same fate.

Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice To Lose Their Royal Titles Under King Charles' Reign?

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich weighed in on the future of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's daughters in the monarchy. Both Princesses of York are non-working royals.

According to Fordwich, the two princesses could lose their royal titles and be downgraded to Lady Eugenie and Lady Beatrice due to their father's conduct.

"Unfortunately for Princesses Eugene and Beatrice, their father's conduct has had rather an adverse and actually disastrous impact on their royal futures," Fordwich told Fox News Digital. "The Princesses are most likely to become Lady Beatrice and Lady Eugenie since their father, Prince Andrew's, sexual assault scandal has purportedly poured ruin on their chances of becoming working royals."

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Fordwich is convinced that the Duke of York's daughters is at risk of losing their titles because it now depends on the new monarch. And according to the royal expert, "King Charles is predicted to be making the use of titles more restrictive."

"It wasn't just their father's conduct, but he knowingly and willingly embarrassed the entire royal family with not only his friendships, but by also agreeing to his diabolical 'Newsnight' interview. His refusal to help the FBI with their investigation into the aforementioned served to compound all his other errors of judgment," Fordwich added.

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Prince Andrew Has Been Lobbying To Keep His Daughters' Royal Titles

Prince Andrew has been involved in a string of controversies  — from his controversial friendship with Jeffrey Epstein to the sexual assault lawsuit, which he settled earlier this year.

The Duke of York is now eighth in line to the throne. The Queen was forced to strip him of his military affiliations and royal patronages in January 2022. Fordwich understood that Prince Andrew wanted to secure his daughters' titles.

"We know that Prince Andrew certainly went to the mat for his daughters to retain their titles and of course to also retain all the trappings of royal life despite not being full-time working royals," Fordwich said. "This went back and was during the reign of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II."

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However, while the late monarch has a soft spot for Prince Andrew, whom many considered was her favorite son, his older brother, the new king, is reportedly not as fond.

"King Charles III certainly doesn't have the same soft spot his mother did for his wayward brother," Fordwich said.

So, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie may lose their royal titles.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

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