Prince Andrew Shock: Duke Of York Could Reportedly Be Relocated To Scotland By Queen Elizabeth For THIS Reason

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Prince Andrew has not been seen attending official royal engagements in months. After he was accused of sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre in the 90s, the royal family decided to strip him of his royal titles. He was also banned from performing his royal duties and was seemingly ordered to stay home at the Royal Lodge.

But after reaching a settlement with Giuffre, some royal fans thought that Prince Andrew would be welcomed back into the royal family. Unfortunately, this isn’t what happened. In fact, Prince Andrew is still banned from attending royal engagements like the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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Prince Andrew Could Start A New Life In Scotland

Now, there are also reports claiming that royal fans would see less and less of the Duke of York in the coming months. After all, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly in private discussions regarding her “favorite son’s” living arrangements. There are claims that the monarch wants to give Prince Andrew a second lease on life, but it has to happen away from the public eye.

A source told Daily Mail that there are discussions between the queen and palace staff about moving Prince Andrew to Scotland.


“Clearly, at some point soon, thought will have to be given as to how to support the Duke as, away from the public gaze, he seeks slowly to rebuild his life in a different direction. There is, of course, real awareness and sensitivity to public feelings. There is also recognition that the task of starting to support him as he begins to rebuild his life will be the first step on a long road and one that should not be played out every day in the glare of the public spotlight,” the source said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Prince Andrew Won’t Be Allowed To Keep The Royal Lodge After Queen Elizabeth Dies

Royal expert Ingrid Seward also alleged that Prince Andrew could be thrown out of his current home by none other than his older brother, Prince Charles.


During an interview on True Royalty TV’s Royal Beat, Seward said that the heir to the throne will ask Prince Andrew to move out of the Royal Lodge shortly after the queen’s death.

“When the Queen is no longer here, Charles will not have any truck with Andrew attempting a comeback. That will be game over for him. It might actually be game over already,” royal correspondent Jack Royston said.

Seward responded by saying that Prince Andrew will be supported by the royal family financially after the monarch’s passing.

“They aren't going to cast him out because he will be more trouble cast out and start talking and start giving TV interviews and writing books. They don't want that again so, he will be financially secure but I will be very surprised if he kept Royal Lodge,” Seward said (via The News).

However, nothing has been finalized yet. And Prince Andrew still resides at the Royal Lodge. But he also made headlines in relation to Scotland after a photo of him driving around Windsor circulated online.

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Prince Andrew Skipped Holyrood Week Festivities

The snap confirms that Sarah Ferguson’s ex-wife is still at the Royal Lodge. But Geo. TV also pointed out that the dad of two was once again snubbed by the royal family because they are in Scotland for the Holyrood Week.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Prince Andrew is no longer allowed to attend royal engagements. He did not only skip the queen’s Platinum Jubilee; he didn’t also attend the Garter Day celebration.

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