Prince Charles Shock: Future King Accused Of Bringing Unnecessary Items During Flights? Queen Elizabeth’s Successor Reportedly Used These Special Codes While Traveling

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles is one of the well-traveled members of the royal family. Throughout his lifetime, he has been to hundreds of countries across the globe. He usually travels on board a private jet, and his trips are funded by British taxpayers. But even if Prince Charles is a well-experienced traveler, he’s just like other non-royal travelers that tend to overpack.

According to Express, Prince Charles is known for bringing unnecessary items on his flights. In fact, his tendency to overpack shocked his ex-wife, Princess Diana. But despite the late royal’s reaction, the heir to the throne carried on with this habit.

Since traveling with so much luggage can be confusing for Prince Charles’ staff, he came up with a way to help them track all his belongings. According to Express, the future king uses a not-so-secret color coding scheme to help them out.

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Prince Charles Uses Secret Codes For His Luggage

Prince Charles’ luggage is labeled with his name to avoid mixing up, especially when he’s traveling with other members of the royal family. As the future king, his luggage tag is in the color red, just like Prince William’s.

All of Prince Charles’ luggage that has a blue-colored label indicates that he wants these bags with him on the aircraft. Green luggage tags mean that he wants these bags sent to his hotel. And yellow-colored tags signify that the bags need to be sent to his residence.

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Prince Charles Doesn’t Pack His Own Bags During His Trips

In the book Not in Front of the Corgis, royal author Brian Hoey revealed that Prince Charles isn’t the one who packs and unpacks his things when he travels.

“When His Royal Highness leaves for one of his many journeys, either abroad or in Britain, someone else does the packing and unpacking, arranges the transport, and makes sure he arrives at the correct place at the appointed hour,” he said.

Other than this luggage, Prince Charles doesn’t also reportedly choose the meals that he would eat while on board the private jet.

“His chef selects his meals, with all his bills being paid by a man who goes by the exalted title of Treasurer to HRH’s Household,” Hoey said.

Former royal correspondent Gordon Rayner echoed Hoey’s statement by saying that Prince Charles doesn’t always get to eat lunch either.

“Lunch is seen as a luxury that gets in the way of his work, so he eats a late breakfast and works through,” he said.

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Prince Charles’s Overseas Trips Aren't Always Peaceful

These days, Prince Charles seems more relaxed when traveling overseas. He is usually accompanied by his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles on their joint royal engagements. But many years ago, the same cannot be said about the Prince of Wales.

While he was still married to Princess Diana, Prince Charles sometimes struggled during his overseas trips. Royal experts revealed that the exes didn’t always understand each other.

In 1992, the Prince and Princess of Wales traveled to South Korea for a joint public appearance. According to Marie Claire, the trip was intended to bring the then-couple closer together, but it marked the end of their marriage.

According to reports, royal fans immediately noticed that there was something going on between Prince Charles and Princess Diana the minute they stepped out of the plane.

Photos from the trip also showed the couple standing a few inches away from each other. And one iconic snap shows Princess Diana with her face turned away from Prince Charles.

Shortly after the trip, a statement was released announcing Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s separation. Four years later, the couple officially divorced. And just one year later, Princess Diana died following a car crash in Paris.

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