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Princess Charlotte Revelation: Prince William Will Reportedly Give This Title To His Only Daughter When He Ascends The Throne

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Princess Charlotte is the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sources previously revealed that she’s spunky and confident, unlike her older brother, Prince George who could be a bit timid.

In 2019, a palace insider described Princess Charlotte as the more outgoing child of Prince William and Middleton. While speaking with People, the source said that Prince George’s more reserved personality might have to do with his future role as the king of Britain.

The source also likened Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s personalities to that of Prince William and Prince Harry growing up. Since Prince William is the future king, he’s much more serious compared to his younger brother, who’s very laid-back.

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Princess Charlotte Could Be The Next Princess Royal

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Credit: Access/YouTube

Woman’s Day, in its Nov. 29 issue, claimed that even though Princess Charlotte isn’t an heir to the throne, she will still be given an important royal title when she’s much older.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe said that Princess Charlotte will inherit Princess Anne’s title when Prince William ascends the throne. However, the Princess Royal title won’t automatically be given to Princess Charlotte. And the only time that she could use it is after Princess Anne passes away and when she’s much older.

William and Catherine fought hard to change the rules to ensure if their firstborn was a daughter that she could be queen even if she was followed by younger brothers. And now, even though Prince George arrived first, they are keen to make sure Charlotte feels a part of things when she’s older. They won’t waste any time in making her Princess Royal,” the unnamed source said.

Larcombe previously said that Princess Charlotte needs to be patient while waiting for the title that her dad will bestow on her. And this shouldn’t be a cause for concern for the youngster because Princess Anne also had to wait until 1987 before Queen Elizabeth gave her the title of Princess Royal.

The title had been vacant since 1965 but even if this was the case, the monarch opted to wait until the time was right for her only daughter to receive the title, according to Town & Country.

Princess Charlotte Could Be Styled As Duchess After Her Wedding

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Credit: The Sun/YouTube

While speaking with Express, royal expert Marlene Koenig said that it’s also possible for Prince William to bestow the title of the duchess to Princess Charlotte after she ties the knot.

"I have considered this as a possibility because she and her descendants will always come before Louis in the succession... so why should she be just Princess Royal (after Anne dies of course)? Princess Royal is the eldest daughter of the sovereign by tradition but is not hereditary and at the discretion of the sovereign,” Koenig said.

For now, Princess Charlotte is referred to as such, but her official royal title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

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Prince Louis Could Be The Next Duke Of Cambridge

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Credit: Access/YouTube

As for Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger brother, Prince Louis, he could reportedly be styled as the next Duke of Cambridge.

“If William is king when Louis married - and Uncle Andrew is still alive, a good possibility would be Cambridge because that peerage would have reverted to the Crown when William became king,” Koenig explained.

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