Princess Anne Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Only Daughter Reportedly Not Impressed With Meghan Markle But Genuinely Happy With The Company Of Prince Harry's Wife

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Meghan Markle and Princess Anne seemed to enjoy each other's company, according to a body language expert. However, despite the Princess Royals' delight in the presence of Prince Harry's wife, she knew the Duchess of Sussex would not last long in the firm.

What Do Princess Anne And Meghan Markle's Body Languages Show When They Are Together

Body language expert Judi James weighed in on Princess Anne and Meghan Markle's relationship based on their behaviour when they were together. They have been spotted multiple times, including at Princess Eugenie's royal wedding, where they were seated next to each other.


"When we look at the body language of Anne and Meghan together, the results are surprising," James told Express.

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"Anne has no real history of embracing, mentoring or even befriending younger royal wives. Many of her rituals with brides like Diana suggested mild forms of what looked like potential irritation."

James said Queen Elizabeth's only daughter is "a fan of stoicism" and "no real fan of fashion icons or celebrity fame." So, if Princess Anne had a choice, Prince Harry's wife would not be the first on the list.

"Her passion for her causes and her eloquence, plus what looks like a shared sense of humour, did throw up some poses where the two women looked genuinely happy in each other’s company," James said.

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She also noted that they seemed to get along because of their mirroring eye contact. Also, both showed undivided attention.


"Anne, in particular, is wearing the kind of rounded-cheek, eye-narrowed smile that suggests genuine pleasure," she said of Princess Anne.

"When Anne talks at the daytime event, Meghan performs a leg splay and a small hand barrier to show both interest and a degree of polite caution. Her raised brows and her open-mouth smile in the pews suggest she finds Anne genuinely good company," she continued, adding that Prince Harry's "animated approach signals he shares his wife's enthusiasm."

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Princess Anne Delighted With Meghan Markle's Presence But Not Impressed?

Princess Anne has been the hardest working royal for years. She usually takes more engagements with the heir apparent, Prince Charles.

Royal commentator Neil Sean said on his YouTube channel that Markle sought out Princess Anne for advice when she joined the firm. However, their encounter reportedly left Prince Harry's wife "absolutely dumbfounded."

Princess Anne told Markle that being a working royal is a job and gave her "sage advice" about being involved with the charities associated with them, researching about them and giving them the profile they needed.


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The Princess Royal also reportedly reminded the former Suits actress that it's not about hairstyle, fashion, or being on the front pages.

"According to a good source, Meghan failed, in her eyes, to warm to Princess Anne," Sean claimed. "More importantly, Princess Anne knew that Meghan would have a very short shelf life on the world stage of the British monarchy."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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