Prince William Will Be A 'Very Popular King'; Kate Middleton's Husband Modeling After Queen, Prince Charles

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Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William has a bright future ahead when he takes over the throne. The Duke of Sussex is set to lead the monarchy after his father, Prince Charles. And unlike the Prince of Wales, the public is more warm and supportive toward Kate Middleton's husband.

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Prince William William Is Dutiful But Will Bring Twist To The Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the future king and queen consort. They will lead the monarchy after Prince Charles.

Several royal experts weighed in on the Duke of Cambridge's future as king. Penny Junor praised him as "dutiful" and "conscientious" toward his royal duties and tradition. She also believed that he would be a very popular monarch.

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"I think William will be a very popular King," Junor said, per Express. "He is modelling himself on his grandmother. He will be traditional in many ways, but I think he will bring a new twist to it."

Daily Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers was also positive about Prince William's leadership.

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"I think he'll be caring, compassionate," Myers said. "He is the people's Prince essentially he listens to people he wants to understand their concerns and what it means to be a modern-day Britain."

Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, also pointed out how Prince Harry's brother stepped up after their grandfather's passing.

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"Following the April death of [Prince Philip], William has stepped up to become one of the three family figures, adding the ginger of youth to royal strategy," he said. "It’s a crucial inflection point – this heir-in-waiting is under pressure like none before in recent history."

Prince William Already Preparing For His Kingship

Prince Charles has waited his whole life to be the next king. The Prince of Wales was only 4 years old when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned and became the Queen.

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However, Prince Charles isn't as popular as his son. His reputation suffered due to his infidelity and failed marriage to Princess Diana.

Prince William made it clear that he has no interest in taking over the monarchy before his father. However, he is already preparing for the role.

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Kate Middleton's husband has been thinking in a "strategic way," especially with his relationship with the media. The duke reportedly knows that he needs a working relationship with them and that's one of the things he is preparing, according to BBC presenter Andrew Marr.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Charles, Prince William, and the other members of the royal family.

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