Prince William 'More Cordial' To Meghan Markle Than Kate Middleton; Prince Harry's Wife Looks Like A Desperate Puppy Trying To Catch Princess Of Wales' Gaze

Credit: Sunrise/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Sunrise/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton reunited with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a walkabout Saturday. However, a body language expert noticed that the Prince and Princess of Wales had different interactions with Prince Harry's wife.

Prince William More Cordial To Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Not Keen To Perform For The Cameras

The sighting of the four royals gave fans hope that they would eventually reconcile. However, despite the friendly reunion, some noticed that their relationship was still frosty.

A report from noted pointed out how Middleton reportedly stared at Markle "icily" before they waved goodbye to the crowd. Body language experts Judi James and Dr. Lillian Glass seemingly noticed the cold connection between the two female royals, especially on Middleton's end.

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"While William was a bit more cordial, he was still serious around [Meghan] and didn't show his usual megawatt smile. Kate even refused to even look at Meghan or in her direction," Glass told Page Six. "She was being genuine. It was not in her heart to smile at Meghan, so she didn't do it."

She added, "Meghan, on the other hand, looked like a sad and desperate puppy as she tried to catch Kate's eye gaze repeatedly. But Kate was having none of it."

James echoed the same sentiment. She added that the new Princess of Wales "appeared to be less keen to perform for the cameras."

"Walking away from Meghan and the car, she went to join the brothers before keeping a wide social space between herself and the others, looking keen to get on with the job rather than perform in any soap opera," James said.

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What's The Drama Between Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle?

According to the outlet, the issue between the two duchesses was due to Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey last year. In the bombshell interview, the host asked Prince Harry's wife about the claims that she made Middleton cry.

Markle denied it and said "the reverse happened," suggesting that it was Middleton who made her cry. Royal fans were divided, especially because the Duchess of Cambridge follows the Queen's mantra to "never complain, never explain."

Investigative journalist Tom Bower covered the issue in his book Revenge. He spoke to sources who supported the first report that Markle indeed made Middleton cry. The new Princess of Wales reportedly "burst into tears" after Markle compared her daughter Princess Charlotte to her best friend Jessica Mulroney's daughter Isabel during the dress fitting.

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Royal commentator Neil Sean said on his YouTube channel that Prince William "will be very, very relieved that at least the true version of events has come out."

"It doesn't bode well because many people could say, 'Well, it's a case of he said, she said,' but there were too many people that backed up the original story, including TV personality Kirstie Allsopp, who also said to the media that she knew the true version of events," Sean added.

British host Allsopp, a friend of King Charles' wife Camilla, confirmed that Middleton "was reduced to tears by Meghan bullying her staff."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and other members of the royal family.

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