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King Charles Ill-Mannered? Prince William's Father Slammed For His Behavior In Viral Video During Official Proclamation As New Monarch

Credit: CBS News/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles is making headlines with some questioning his behavior over a viral video, shortly after he was officially named as the new monarch following Queen Elizabeth's passing.

Irritated King Charles Caught On Camera In Viral Video

King Charles was captured on camera looking "irritated." He was grimacing as he motioned royal aides to clear his desk, NDTV reported.

It happened moments before the Accession Council formally proclaimed him as the new king Saturday. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth's son was upset upon seeing the desk occupied when he was to ink his name on the documents he was holding in his hand.

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The outlet noted that Prince William and Prince Harry's dad appeared frustrated to have both a pen box and the inkpot on the small desk, where he also needed to fit the large documents. Thus, he ordered the aides to clear the desk leading the items to be rearranged.

When the documents were placed, King Charles reportedly signaled to an aide to remove the pen box from the table to give him room to sign the historic document.

One even made a meme of it with the caption, "The servant must clear my desk for me. I can't be expected to move things."

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King Charles Viral Video Received Mixed Responses From The Netizens

Online users have mixed opinions about the viral video. Some quickly judged the new monarch and questioned his behavior.

"Manners cost nothing!" one user commented, per Newsweek. Another added: "Took him more effort to wave his hand a dozen times than to move it himself."

"This is the real Charles you can't hide who you are this is how he's been treating the servants for years with such little respect. Fanning his finger to clean the desk off and move the object. Showing your real Arrogance you will fail it's in the cards," another netizen added.

However, some sided with the new monarch and found the incident relatable. According to some, they would react the same as King Charles in the same situation.

"Given the situation, I would be annoyed as well," one wrote, per NDTV.

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"To be fair to him, it's a big occasion and they got him the world's smallest table," wrote one Twitter user.

"Very bad set up of equipment. It was set up for the subsequent signing from the front of the desk which would made sense of the inkwell position. The inkwell at 'the front' made for very awkward signing. Bad stage management. He played low status to the inkwell," another user opined.

What can you say about King Charles' viral video? Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and the other royals.

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