Kate Middleton First Princess Of Wales After Princess Diana? No, But Queen Consort Camilla Chose Not To Use The Title

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Prince William and Kate Middleton had been named by King Charles as the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Many thought the Duchess of Cambridge was the first to become the Princess of Wales after Princess Diana, but that was not true.

Kate Middleton Not The First The Princess Of Wales After Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth passed away Thursday. Her Majesty's passing sparked several changes in the royal household.


King Charles ascended the throne, and Prince William and Kate Middleton are now the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

Middleton could be the first royal to use the title Princess of Wales after Princess Diana. However, before her, the title belonged to Queen Consort Camilla.

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Camilla was technically the new Princess of Wales when he married King Charles in 2005, Today reported. However, since the title was closely associated with Princess Diana, she decided not to use it. Instead, she went by Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla became the new queen consort following Her Majesty's death and King Charles' ascension to the throne.

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Kate Middleton As The New Princess Of Wales

The Duchess of Cambridge has honored her late mother-in-law in subtle ways through her fashion. She has also been seen wearing pieces of jewelry from the late Princess of Wales' collection.


Prince William and Middleton have already updated their social media handle to reflect their new titles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. A royal source told GB News royal reporter Cameron Walker that the new Princess of Wales "appreciates the history associated with this role" but will "understandably want to look to the future as she creates her own path."

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Prince William and Middleton are distancing themselves from King Charles and Princess Diana's time holding the same titles. The new Prince and Princess of Wales are eager to strengthen the trust and respect for the people of Wales.

"The couple are focused on deepening the trust and respect of the people of Wales over time. The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the modest and humble way they've approached their work previously," Walker added.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Kate Middleton, Camilla and other members of the royal family.

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