Prince William Fails Kate Middleton Early on in Courtship? Prince Harry’s Brother Shares Worst Present He Gave to the Princess of Wales

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Prince William doesn't always get it right when it comes to choosing presents. He shared the worst present he got his wife, Kate Middleton, early on in their relationship.

Prince William Shares The Worst Present He Got For Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for 11 years already. In 2020, Prince William appeared on Peter Crouch's podcast in support of the Heads Up campaign. During the chat, the pair shared the worst present they got for their wives.


The former England forward confessed that he bought his wife, Abbey Clancy, a raincoat. The new Prince of Wales admitted that he once bought Middleton a present, and he didn't know why he picked the item.

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"I did get my wife a pair of binoculars once - she's never let me forget that," Prince William said, Hello! reported. "That was early on in the courtship, that was - think that sealed the deal."

He continued, "It didn't go well. Honestly, I have no idea why I bought her a pair of binoculars, it seemed like a good idea at the time."


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Prince William Showered Kate Middleton With Present During Marriage

The heir to the throne showers his wife with presents on special occasions. However, he also gave her special "push presents" after welcoming every child in their household.

Push presents are not a tradition but are becoming a more and more popular practice. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have practiced the tradition.


When Middleton gave birth to their eldest child, Prince George, 9, in 2013, he gave his wife a limited edition teddy bear from Harrods to mark that year.

He also reportedly got Middleton a pendant with their newborn's full name "George Alexander Louis" and a 0.23-carat diamond and 18ct white gold ring from Annoushka, which cost £1,200, Express reported.

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After Middleton delivered their second child, Princess Charlotte, 7, in 2015, she was spotted wearing a pair of earrings by her favorite jewelry designer Kiki McDonough. The green amethysts and green tourmaline earrings were reportedly a push present from Prince William.

"The green amethyst gemstones provide a striking yet understated touch of colour, with diamond accents for a luxurious look," Amokeye Adede, founder of Aurelia & Pierre, told Express about the gem.

There were reports that Prince William gifted Middleton a citrine ring to mark the birth of their youngest child, 4-year-old Prince Louis, in 2018.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.


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