Prince Harry Shock: Royal Family Uses ‘Tried and Tested’ Format in Addressing Meghan Markle’s Husband; Spare Turns to Be an ‘Act of Self-Sabotage’, Experts Say

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have said a lot of things against the royal family, and there has been no response. Experts believed that the royals' reaction — their "dignified silence" — works for them.

Royal Family Knows How To Deal With Prince Harry's Attacks?

King Charles and Prince William did not release any statement to address Prince Harry's allegations against them in his memoir, Spare. Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl weighed in on the matter and said the royals' decision to keep mum about the matter is a "tried and tested format."

"Dignified silence is a tried and tested format," the author of The New Royals, told Time magazine. "The palace is reluctant to engage at any level because once they do, it just fuels the narrative."

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She added that Prince Harry had made too many allegations, and the Palace could not respond to them one by one. She added that the institution's silence is a "sensible strategy" that works for them but against Prince Harry.

Tim Jotischky, a director at The PHA Group, a PR and Digital agency, was convinced that in the battle that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex started, the royals come out on top by simply not retaliating.

"Sometimes the hardest thing in PR is to tell a client that the right course of action is to say nothing when your reputation is under attack. The understandable reaction is to hit back, but it can often be the best advice."

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Did Prince Harry Sabotage Himself With Spare?

Jotischky weighed in on the effects of Prince Harry's attacks on his family, the PR expert said it came across as an "act of self-sabotage."

Prince Harry shared several intimate encounters in his book, including Prince William allegedly attacking him physically over a fight about Meghan Markle, and his dad, King Charles, reportedly fearing his wife would overshadow him. He also claimed that the King may have leaked stories to the press.

Several criticized Prince Harry for sharing family problems, which according to many, are common in every household, but he's making money out of it. Bethenny Frankel previously said that his revelations only "backfired."

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"I've never known about or cared more about the royals. These two have done billions in free good PR for the royals. That was a backfire," the former Real Housewives of New York City star wrote on Instagram.

"Many people gave them the benefit of the doubt. There is selling past the point of yes. I guess the question is, in life and particularly in family matters, does EVERYTHING need to be said? The good news is everybody wins. Harry and Meghan did a smash-and-grab, and the royals' approval ratings are up. If that's more important than family, then go with GOD."

Do you agree that by spilling intimate matters about his family Prince Harry has sabotaged himself?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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