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Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Feels Superior, Thinks He’s Better Than Prince William Because His Hair Is Not as Thin as His Brother’s

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship remains strained. In the former’s memoir Spare, it became clear that the Duke of Sussex harbored a lot of resentment toward his older brother because Prince William was the heir and he was the spare. Growing up, the Duke of Sussex also revealed that there was some form of sibling rivalry between the two of them.

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Prince Harry Always Felt Second To Prince William Because He Was The Spare?

Despite Prince Harry’s claims that he grew up thinking that he was not as good as Prince William, body language expert Adrienne Carter said that there were two occasions when the dad of two felt superior to his brother.

While speaking with Express, Carter said that these two rare moments of superiority from Meghan Markle’s husband were noticeable during his interviews with Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert.

During his conversation with Cooper for 60 Minutes, the interviewer discussed one of Prince Harry’s stories in Spare. In his memoir, Prince Harry detailed the moment when he looked at Prince William and realized that he no longer looked exactly like Princess Diana.

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Prince Harry Felt Superior To Prince William Because He’s Not As Bald As His Brother?

While watching the interview, Carter said that Prince Harry’s facial expression suggested that he was feeling superior to Prince William because his hair isn’t as thin as his brother’s.

“So, we see a really telling clue from Harry’s facial expression when he talks about William’s baldness - we see the one-sided half smile. That means ‘I feel superior, I’m better than’. He’s quite proud of the fact he isn’t as advanced bald as his brother,” Carter said.

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Prince Harry Showed Signs Of Confusion When He Expressed His Love For Prince William?

Anderson called Prince Harry’s claims cutting, but the Duke of Sussex explained that this wasn’t his intention.

“I don’t see it as cutting at all - my brother and I love each other, I love him deeply,” he said.

But according to Carter, Prince Harry’s brief frown was also noticeable when he expressed how much he loves the Prince of Wales.

“Now that can mean three different things; anger, confusion, and concentration. My guess - because I can’t ask him the question - my guess is confusion, I feel he is very conflicted with his feelings. He loves his brother, he says it with an intensity I believe, but there’s also this furrowed brow,” Carter explained.

During his interview with Colbert, Prince Harry said his words are not dangerous. Rather, the spin of his words is what is really dangerous.

“We see a really strong facial expression of contempt - pursing the lips. Contempt means ‘I feel superior and I really don’t like what I’m seeing or hearing,’” Carter explained.

As of writing, Prince William has not yet responded to Prince Harry’s claims in Spare and in his interviews.

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