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Meghan Markle Heartbreak: Prince Harry’s Wife Reportedly Struggled to Conceive Her First Child Because She Lost So Much Weight During Her First Year as a Working Royal

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have always wanted to be parents. Almost five years after they tied the knot, the couple has already been blessed with two kids. And if the Duchess of Sussex did not suffer a miscarriage, she and her husband would already have three children to date.

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Wanted To Get Pregnant Immediately After Their Royal Wedding?

In Prince Harry's book Spare, the doting dad revealed that he and Meghan Markle wanted to become parents immediately after they tied the knot. However, they were forced to wait for a bit because the Duchess of Sussex struggled to conceive.

According to the Duke of Sussex, his wife lost a considerable amount of weight during her first year as a senior working royal. And the stress and extreme weight loss proved to be the culprit as to why they couldn't immediately get pregnant.

"We worried about the stress of our daily lives, that it might prevent us from getting pregnant. The toll was starting to be visible on Meg; she'd lost a great deal of weight in the last year, despite all the shepherd's pie," Prince Harry wrote (via Hello! magazine).

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Meghan Markle's Doctor Advised Her To Gain 5 Pounds To Get Pregnant?

The dad of two also said that some of their friends recommended an ayurvedic doctor that helped Markle with her inability to conceive immediately.

"Friends recommended an ayurvedic doctor who'd helped them conceive. As I understood it, ayurvedic medicine sorted people into categories. I don't recall which category this doctor sorted Meg into, but she did confirm our suspicion that Meg's weight loss might be a barrier to conceiving. 'Gain five pounds,' the doctor promised, and 'You'll get pregnant.' So Meg ate, and ate, and soon put on the recommended five pounds, and we looked hopefully at the calendar," Prince Harry wrote.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced Markle's pregnancy while they were on tour in Australia. And on May 6, 2019, Archie was born.

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Blamed The British Media For Duchess' Miscarriage?

Spare is not the only avenue where Prince Harry talked about Markle's struggles. He also discussed his wife's miscarriage in the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan. According to Prince Harry, Markle's miscarriage may have been the result of the British media's negative coverage of his wife.

"I believe my wife suffered a miscarriage because of what the Mail did. I watched the whole thing. Now, do we absolutely know the miscarriage was created, or caused by that? Of course, we don't. But bearing in mind the stress that caused, the lack of sleep and the timing of the pregnancy, how many weeks in she was, I can say, from what I saw, that miscarriage was created by what they were trying to do to her," Prince Harry said (via CNN).

Markle echoed her husband's sentiments by saying that she hasn't been sleeping during her second pregnancy. And she found out that she lost her unborn child the day that they moved to their new home.

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