Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Reportedly Embarrassed After Woman Who Took His Virginity Spoke Out; Prince William's Brother Hopes Issue Will 'Go Away Soon'

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Prince Harry was reportedly embarrassed after the woman to whom he lost his V-card spoke out. Now, Meghan Markle's husband reportedly hoped people would just forget it.

Prince Harry Lost Contact With The Woman Who Took His Virginity?

Prince William's brother detailed how he lost his virginity to an "older woman" behind a pub. He didn't name the woman he was referring to, but Sasha Walpole, 40, came forward and identified himself as the woman who loved horses and took Prince Harry's virginity.


"It's a little embarrassing," an unnamed source said of Prince Harry, Us Weekly reported. "It just is what it is, and he figures this will all die down and go away soon enough."

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The source added that the royal lost contact with the woman, and they had been busy with their own lives, so they had never kept in touch.

"That wasn't due to any ill feeling or excessive awkwardness, at least not as Harry sees it. They were just busy doing their own thing and lost touch as people tend to do, especially at that age."

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Why Did Sasha Walpole Come Forward After Prince Harry Wrote About Their Sexcapade In Spare?

Walpole said she was forced to come out and share her side after Prince Harry detailed what happened between them in his book Spare. According to her, her phone started pinging, and she feared that she would be exposed.

Instead of waiting for someone to expose her, she decided to speak for herself and reveal her identity.

"I don't understand why he went into such detail. He could have said that he lost his ­virginity and left it at that," Walpole told The Sun.


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"He has done this to my privacy because I was going to keep my head down and not talk about it. If it wasn't in the book none of this would be happening."

In the book, Prince Harry claimed that she "treated me not unlike a young stallion. Quick ride, after which she'd smacked my rump and sent me off to graze."

She reacted to Price Harry's statement and said it was awkward. She blamed her coming out to the Duke of Sussex for detailing their intimate moment.


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"It is awkward because of what Harry has written about me slapping his bum, really cringey. It flared up because of the way Harry has written it. That is why I am in this situation," she continued.

"Harry has put it out there. My parents' concern is for my safety. They just want me to be OK."

According to her, the sex only lasted about five minutes, and she described it as "wham-bam between two friends."

What can you say about Prince Harry detailing how he lost his virginity in Spare?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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