Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Gave King Charles, Prince William Ultimatum? His Majesty, Prince of Wales Reportedly Not Giving in to His Demands

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot
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King Charles invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to his coronation. However, the Duke of Sussex reportedly has some demands that His Majesty and Prince William are not willing to give in to.

Did Prince Harry Give King Charles, Prince William An Ultimatum For The Coronation?

Several reports claimed that the King had already invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for his coronation. However, the pair is still undecided about whether they will attend or not.


Prince Harry demanded to have a meeting with his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, before deciding whether he would attend the coronation or not. In a previous interview, Prince Harry said that "the ball is in their court," Express reported.

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"Harry has been very clear and his position hasn't wavered – he isn't going to come if he feels the atmosphere will be as toxic as it was during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and funeral," a source told Mirror.

"He's said he wants to reconcile with his family and it's their call, but so far nothing has changed."

Meanwhile, there are also reports claiming that Prince Harry and Markle will definitely be there. So, one should take the report about Prince Harry making a demand with a grain of salt.


However, another outlet claimed that the King and heir to the throne are not giving in to Prince Harry's demands.

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King Charles And Prince William Not On Board About Having A Meeting With Prince Harry?

Whether or not Prince Harry was demanding a meeting with his father and brother, a friend of King Charles told The Daily Beast that the monarch "simply won't have the time" to sit down with his youngest son for a private summit before his coronation.

Also, a friend of Prince William and Kate Middleton told the outlet that the Prince of Wales has no intention of apologizing to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because he believes he hasn't done anything wrong.

In a previous interview with The Telegraph, Prince Harry said that he had enough content for two books and removed some statements that might prompt King Charles and Prince William to never forgive him.

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"Now you could argue that some of the stuff I've put in there, well, they will never forgive me anyway," he told the outlet.

"But the way I see it is, I'm willing to forgive you for everything you've done, and I wish you'd actually sat down with me, properly, and instead of saying. 'I'm delusional and paranoid,' actually sit down and have a proper conversation about this, because what I'd really like is some accountability. And an apology to my wife."

Do you support Prince Harry's demand for a private meeting before the coronation? Will Prince Harry, King Charle and Prince William reconcile before the coronation?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry.


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