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Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Now 'Bitter', 'Angry' And 'Hard Done By'? Duke Reportedly Knew About 'Queen Camilla' Speech Beforehand

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Prince Harry shocked everyone when he announced, in January 2020, that he is stepping back from his senior royal roles together with Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed they want to become financially independent from the Firm at the time of their infamous Megxit.

During their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed that the “racism” behind the palace doors and the unending criticisms of the British media were among the primary reasons why they decided to ditch the royal life for good. At the moment, the Sussex couple is living in the U.S. with their two children – Archie and Lilibet.

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A royal biographer recently claimed that Prince Harry is “unrecognizable” compared to the man she knew from when she spent time with the Duke of Sussex to write his biographer. Keep on reading to know more details.

Prince Harry Now ‘Unrecognizable’ To Man He Was A Few Years Ago?

Royal family expert Angela Levin spoke to GB News, on Monday, and discussed how Prince Harry changed from someone who was “charismatic and intuitive” to being “bitter, angry and hard done by.” When anchor Eamonn Holmes asked if the Duke of Sussex she knew then and the one she knows now are two different people, Angela said “unrecognizable.”

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Of Prince Harry, Angela Levin shared:

“I spent over a year with Prince Harry: he was charismatic, he was intuitive like his mother, brilliant with people who had been amazed physically or mentally, very funny. There was the occasional dark cloud that came over him, you could see that he had difficulties in his life but he was terrific, I really enjoyed every minute I spent with him.”

The royal expert went on to say that:

“Now he is bitter, he is angry, he feels hard done by, which is astonishing for somebody who is living in a million-pound house with 16-toilet. And he feels he has got to have to revenge, that is the real world and that is what is so terrible. He wants revenge on the Royal Family for how they have treated him and his mother.”

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Royal expert Angela Levin also claimed that Prince Harry might attack the royal family in his forthcoming memoirs slated to be released later this year. She furthered that the husband of Meghan Markle also “changed what he feels about his father” after what she called “a very moving conversation” when Harry guest-edited Radio 4’s Today in December 2017.

The royal biographer shared:

“I remember when Prince Harry was the guest editor on the Today Programme, he could have several people along who he wanted to talk to about various issues he cared about. He also chose to have his father there and it was the most moving conversation you could imagine, where he apologized for being rude about him, how he realized as he got older how wonderful he was. It was very warming and now suddenly he is a monster – he just doesn’t like his father and does anything to upset him.”

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Last week, Prince Harry graced a Livestream that BetterUp hosted wherein he told the viewers he knows he need to meditate every single day and that he “experienced burnout” in life. The better half of Meghan Markle also gave advice saying that he focuses on working out, taking the dog for a walk, and “getting out in nature” to help his mental health.

Prince Harry has yet to comment on the latest statements of royal biographer Angela Levin.

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Prince Charles Personally Called Prince Harry To Tell About Camilla’s Destiny

Meanwhile, Prince Charles reportedly called Prince Harry to tell him about Camilla Parker-Bowles’ new role when he becomes King. Mirror UK reported that the Prince of Wales informed both of his sons that it was Queen Elizabeth’s wish to see Camilla become Queen Consort.

On February 6, Queen Elizabeth said it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla Parker-Bowles take on the title of Queen Consort should Prince Charles takes over the throne. For years, reports about the Duchess of Cornwall taking the Princess Consort title when Charles becomes king had made rounds online.

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The most-recent conversation of Prince Charles and Prince Harry came after concerns of a rift between the two royals, following the departure of Princess Diana’s son from life as a senior working royal. Last year, a royal expert claimed the Prince of Wales was badly hit by Harry and Meghan’s exit.

Robert Jobson stated:

"I think that he [Charles] was closer to Harry and that’s why it’s hit him quite hard with what’s happened with Harry."

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Prince Harry reportedly talked briefly with Prince Charles during the funeral of the late Prince Philip in April 2021. However, their issues allegedly remained “unsolved” at the time.

In January, Prince Charles offered an olive branch to Prince Harry and invited his family to stay with him when they visit the U.K. It remains to be seen, however, if the Sussex family would be flying back to Britain this year to grace the first death anniversary of Prince Philip and the upcoming Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in June.

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