Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Shock: Prince William Reportedly Almost Take Legal Action Against Sussexes Over Racist Allegation But Queen Elizabeth Stopped Kate Middleton's Husband

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Prince William was close to taking legal action against his brother Prince Harry and sister-in-law Meghan Markle over their racist allegation against the royal family, according to a report.

Prince William Nearly Sue Prince Harry, Meghan Markle?

In March 2021, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. They spoke about Megxit and some of the things that happened in the Palace that prompted them to relocate to the United States.


The royal couple also mentioned that a member of the royal family raised concern over the skin color of their unborn child. The revelation sparked outrage and racist allegations against the members of the firm.

Prince William defended the royal family during a school visit when asked about the racist allegations.

The royal family "is very much not racist," Prince William said, BBC reported.

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The heir to the throne was reportedly "furious" over the "concerning comments" following Prince Harry and Markle's interview with Oprah, New Idea reported.

"At the time, William was close to launching legal action," an insider said.

"Harry and Meghan basically made the world question who the so-called royal racist is, which has been very damaging. But the Queen talked him out of it."

Insiders claimed that Prince Harry was probably aware of his brother's sentiment because he seemingly made a U-turn in his interviews when he promoted his memoir. Prince Harry told Tom Bradby in his ITV interview that they never said the royal family was racist, Town & Country reported.

"You have to wonder if Harry's team suspects William has a case, and thought it best for Harry to amend the record. Especially with this Sam Markle case looming. You'd think William will be keeping an eye on this possible deposition, given he is still furious at Harry," New Idea's source added.

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Samantha Markle Sued Meghan Markle Over Oprah Interview

If Prince William had plans to sue the Sussexes but did not push it due to the late Queen's intervention, no one is stopping Markle's sister, Samantha Markle, from taking legal action against her.


Samantha sued Markle for defamation. Markle's sister claimed that her allegations that they had no relationship subjected her to "humiliation, shame, and hatred on a worldwide scale."

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Samantha claimed she suffered from emotional and mental distress. Also, she had trouble finding work.

Markle's sibling claimed that the Duchess of Sussex's statements in the interview, claiming she was raised in virtual poverty and was forced to work in a series of low-paying jobs when she was 13, were all false.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will reportedly be forced to answer intimate questions during their deposition, including those things which Samantha reportedly wants a response like if "Queen Elizabeth was not a racist" and "King Charles is not a racist."

Do you believe that Prince William was close to suing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

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