Prince Harry Heartbreak: Royal Fans Want Meghan Markle’s Husband Not To Push Through With The Release Of His Memoir, New Poll Reveals

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry is set to release his memoir in the fall. Initially, there were claims that the memoir will be available prior to the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. However, royal experts advised the Duke of Sussex not to push through with the plan because his memoir could risk overshadowing the monarch’s milestone event.

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Prince Harry’s Memoir Delayed, Official Release Date Unknown

Last week, a source told The Sun that Prince Harry’s memoir might not be released this year. After all, the title wasn’t included in the publisher’s marketing and promotional list.

“If this book’s coming out this year as originally planned it should be in the publisher’s marketing and promotional list — unless they’re planning a surprise or there’s been a delay. Its omission has raised lots of eyebrows in royal circles,” the source said.

But a spokesperson for Penguin Random House’s Transworld hinted at the possibility that Prince Harry’s memoir would still be released this year.

“We don’t put every book on the list so there is nothing to be extrapolated from that,” they said.

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Prince Harry Should Spike His Memoir, New Poll Revealed

Following the back and forth over Prince Harry’s memoir, Express conducted a survey where they asked respondents if the Duke of Sussex should spike jus memoir. Out of the over 2,000 people that responded, approximately 59 percent said yes. About 38 percent said no and three percent said that they didn’t know the answer.

One of the respondents also commented on the poll and said that they would not read Prince Harry’s memoir even if it’s given to them as a gift.

“Harry and Meghan believe they are actually important and their personal views matter. They should close their mouths and go find the privacy they claimed they wanted,” another royal fan said.

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Royal Experts And Royal Fans Are Not Excited About Prince Harry’s Memoir

Several royal experts do not seem excited over Prince Harry’s memoir. In fact, GB News host Mark Dolan also said that the book should be spiked by the Duke of Sussex’s publisher.

“It seems this lad wants to pen a misery memoir in which he moans for 300 pages about how terrible his life is. The irony will be lost on him, of course, that this tearful account will be penned from his luxury 16-bathroom Montecito mansion. I wish he’d flushed the manuscript down one of those loos. I’ve got no problem with Harry moving on but that’s exactly what he needs to do, and therefore spike this miserable memoir, which will further hurt the people who love him and damage the country that gave him everything,” he said.

Dolan also accused Meghan Markle’s husband of being hypocritical because he failed to do what he said he wanted to do all this time and that is to leave the country and the monarchy.

Earlier this year, there were also claims that Prince Charles is worried that Prince Harry’s memoir will be released close to his ascension.

“I think the difficulty for Prince Charles, every time now Harry opens his mouth, he's seen to chip away at his father's credibility… this must be undermining their relationship. They have on the horizon the prospect of Harry's autobiography or memoir – we don't know what's going to be in it. But we do know he has spent some time digging into his mother's relationship with his father. They must be dreading the publication of that book and what it will mean,” Daily Mail editor-at-large, Richard Kay said (via Express).

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