Prince Harry Did Not Snub King Charles III’s Invitation to Have Dinner With Royal Family After They Allegedly Banned Meghan Markle From Balmoral

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are involved in a new controversy regarding the former’s alleged snub of King Charles III. However, other sources confirmed that the initial reports are not accurate.

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Prince Harry Accused Of Snubbing King Charles III’s Invite Because Of Meghan Markle

The Sun claimed that Prince Harry snubbed King Charles III’s invitation to have dinner with the royal family while he was in the United Kingdom following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The Duke of Sussex refused to spend time with his family over a meal because he was upset over their decision not to allow Meghan Markle to join him when he went to Balmoral on the day that the queen died.

The snub also allegedly caused that dad of two to miss his flight.

“Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family that he missed the flight. Charles has an open invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever he is in the country. But Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother. It was a massive snub. And he got out of Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to catch the first commercial flight back to London,” the source said.

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King Charles III Did Not Host A Dinner In Scotland For The Royal Family

However, another source told Page Six that Prince Harry did not snub his father’s invitation while he was in Scotland. At the time, King Charles III had already left his residence, so he couldn’t have had dinner with his son and the royal family.

And when Prince Harry arrived in Scotland, King Charles and Prince William were already on their way to Balmoral, where she took her last breath. This means that the royal family was not in Balmoral after all.

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Rumors Claimed King Charles III Thought It Was Inappropriate For Meghan Markle To Accompany Prince Harry

After the queen died, a lot of people wondered why Markle did not join Prince Harry when he travelled to Balmoral to be with his grandmother. But when Prince William drove Prince Andrew to the queen’s summer estate, he wasn’t also joined by Kate Middleton.

From there, rumors swirled that King Charles III didn’t want Markle to be at the queen’s bedside because it was inappropriate. But just hours after Her Majesty’s passing, the king proved that there was no shade or snub after all.

In his speech, he sent Prince Harry and Markle his love as the couple navigates their life in the United States. He also extended an olive branch to his youngest son by requesting that he be allowed to wear his military uniform during a vigil for the queen.

However, the queen’s initials were removed from Prince Harry’s military uniform.

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