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Prince Charles Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Hostile Toward Camilla Parker-Bowles

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Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles are enjoying a great relationship at present. However, that was not the case decades ago because the Queen wasn't as friendly toward Camilla back then.

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Queen Elizabeth Broke Prince Charles Heart With Her Treatment Toward Camilla

According to investigative author and journalist Tom Bower in 2018, the Queen initially refused to interact with Camilla. Apparently, she wasn't supportive of the two because he was married to Princess Diana at the time.

"For years, both the Queen and her mother had refused to have anything to do with Charles’ mistress," Bower said per Express. "Not only did they not want her present at any royal function, either formal or informal; they actively disapproved of her, and of Charles’ relationship with her."

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Bower claimed that the Prince of Wales confronted his royal mom about the issue at Balmoral in 1998. However, the encounter only worsened their relationship because of the Queen's response.

According to Bower, Prince Charles asked Queen Elizabeth II to "soften her antagonism, so he could live openly with Camilla."

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Bower said that the Prince of Wales was hoping that the Queen who rarely interfered would at least not directly forbid their relationship. However, it was bad timing.

According to Bower, the Queen had several martinis that evening and she replied forcefully at him saying she would not condone his adultery nor forgive Camilla for not leaving him alone to allow his marriage to Princess Diana to recover.

"She vented her anger that he had lied about his relationship" with Camilla, Bower added. Her Majesty allegedly called Camilla a "wicked woman" and stressed, "I want nothing to do with her."

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Prince Charles And Camilla Eventually Won Over Queen Elizabeth

Camilla Parker Bowles went an overhaul before her 2005 wedding to Prince Charles. According to royal biographer Penny Junor, the prince stood his ground against his parents for Camilla.

He didn't want to make another scandal because he wanted to protect the monarchy from further damages following his divorce from Princess Diana. But he wasn't happy with his set-up with Camilla and also had a hard time convincing the Queen to accept his lady love.

After several years following Princess Diana's passing Prince Charles decided to marry Camilla. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were happy for them and sent them their "warmest good wishes." Prince William and Prince Harry also supported their dad's decision.

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The Queen ended the rumors that she still disapproved of Camilla for Prince Charles in her speech on their wedding day. In her remarks, she said she would make two announcements. First, she said her horse Hedgehunter won the race at Aintree. Second, she expressed her joy for Prince Charles and Camilla.

"They have overcome Becher’s Brook and The Chair and all kinds of other terrible obstacles. They have come through, and I’m very proud and wish them well. My son is home and dry with the woman he loves," the Queen said per Vanity Fair.

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