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Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince William’s Dad Forced To Accept His Fate Following Racism Scandal? Knows He’ll Never Be King

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Credit: CBC/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Charles has been the longest king-in-waiting among all the heirs to the throne within the British royal family. And it seems he would have to wait a few more years before he can be crowned king because Queen Elizabeth won’t abdicate or resign her role as monarch.

But even if this is the case, multiple publications have been insisting that the queen is ready to give up the throne. Unfortunately, it’s because she wants Prince William to lead the British monarchy and not Prince Charles.

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Prince Charles’ Racism Scandal Prevents Him From Ascending The Throne

OK! magazine, in its Dec. 20 issue, claimed that Prince Charles has been dying to become king for years. But the recent racism scandal forced him to accept his fate.

“He has always considered the crown his birthright. It’s hard for him to see this public clamor for William to leapfrog him, essentially even though he’s incredibly proud of his son. As bittersweet as it is for Charles to accept, there’s no disputing that William will be a wonderful king when the opportunity arises,” the unnamed source said.

But for now, Prince Charles is, allegedly, staying mum over Queen Elizabeth’s decision to pass the throne to her grandson.

“In the meantime, Charles is staying calm, carrying out his duties and hoping his recent issues will blow over. If not, he’s quite pragmatic and will accept the cards that come his way,” the unnamed source claimed.

Queen Elizabeth Believes In Prince William More Than Prince Charles

According to the unnamed source, the queen always wanted Prince William to succeed her. And when the racism scandal broke out, she realized how important it is to follow her heart.

“The general consensus is Charles is unfit to be king. This has been in discussion for quite some time, but recent events have shown palace officials that they have no other choice but to push William to take over when the queen passes or abdicates,” the unnamed source said.

The unnamed source insisted that the monarch also believes in Prince William’s abilities, and the latter is also wise beyond his years, level-headed, compassionate, and has empathy for the less fortunate that’s why the queen is impressed.

“Plus, he has the fortitude to withstand the pressure and to carry out the ceaseless duties that fall to the monarch,” the unnamed source claimed.

Prince William Preparing To Streamline The British Monarchy

Following a scandal-filled past couple of years, Prince William is also, allegedly, finally ready to step up. Even though he previously said that he doesn’t go to bed at night thinking that he’ll be king one day, there’s no denying that he wants to make changes to the British monarchy.

“William has been very vocal about his plans to make the monarchy more streamlined and accountable. There’s a need to move with the times. There’s no doubt William’s been briefed on what’s expected of him, and he will be ready to take on the job at hand when he’s called to duty,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Britons Like Prince William More Than Prince Charles

While it is true that Britons seem to want Prince William to be their king because he’s more modern than Prince Charles, this cannot just happen on a whim. After all, Prince Charles is the queen’s successor regardless of whether he’s liked by royal fans or not.

And the only way for Prince William to ascend the throne is if Prince Charles dies or abdicates. Until then, the dad of three needs to wait for years before he could be crowned king.

In the same light, Prince George cannot ascend the throne following Prince Charles’ death, resignation, or abdication. He needs to wait in line because Prince William is the successor of Prince Charles.


The Order of Succession will change later when Prince George has his own children. But for now, Prince Charles will become king first before Prince William.

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