Prince William Fury: Kate Middleton’s Husband Wants Harry To Apologize For All Rumors He Sparked Including Allegations That Prince Charles Is Racist?

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Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship reportedly remains poor. Last month, a royal expert claimed that Prince William’s anger toward Prince Harry has not lessened even just a bit. The Duke of Cambridge is reportedly unhappy with everything that Prince Harry has done so there’s no possibility for the brothers to reconcile anytime soon.

Just last week, more issues affected Prince William and Prince Harry’s already strained relationship after Prince Charles was accused of being racist. Royal author Christopher Andersen claimed that Prince Charles and not Princess Anne had questions about Archie’s skin color.


Andersen explained in his book that Prince Charles didn’t mean to offend anyone with his comment. It just so happened that palace aides took his words out of context.

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Prince William Wants Prince Harry, Meghan Markle To Defend Prince Charles

Heat UK, in its Dec. 11 issue, claimed that Prince William is upset with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because they have not defended Prince Charles in public.

“Harry seems content to keep quiet for now. For William, that’s the equivalent of lighting a match and then fleeing the scene when the building is burning. He believes that the only way for this to be solved is for Harry to issue an apology for any rumors that he and Meghan may have sparked,” an unnamed source said.

The unnamed source stressed that Prince William’s upset feelings are not mainly because his dad is being accused of racism. Instead, it’s primarily caused by Prince Harry’s refusal to take accountability for spreading lies about the heir to the throne.

A spokesperson for Prince Charles previously refused to comment on the issue because it’s inaccurate.

Prince William Seething At Meghan Markle For Not Clarifying Her Remarks About Prince Charles

Prince William is also furious with Markle because she was able to release a statement after winning her privacy case, but she also stayed mum regarding the allegations being thrown at her father-in-law.

“Her words have apparently angered William, as she’s been far less forthcoming in ‘standing up for what’s right’ when it comes to righting any inaccuracies being spoken about Prince Charles. The royals are in crisis and his father is under attack,” the unnamed source claimed.

Prince William, Prince Harry Crisis Talks Revealed


Prince William is, allegedly, planning to have crisis talks with Prince Harry and Markle to get to the bottom of the issue.

“William feels that Harry and Meghan owe it to them to set the record straight, but Harry is unequivocal that they won’t back down – and the idea that Meghan should have to apologize for her role in any of this is just plain ridiculous to him, too. Right now, he and William are a total impasse,” the unnamed source concluded.

Royal Author Defends Prince Charles’ Comments About Archie’s Skin Color

During his interview on NBC’s Today Show, Andersen explained the context of Prince Charles’ comments regarding Prince Harry and Markle’s kids’ skin color.

“I mean, here's this beautiful biracial American woman and the world's most famous redhead. I'm a grandfather. Of course, we all do this, speculate on it. But it was turned into something very toxic. It was weaponized by the 'Men in Gray' who run the palace organization,” Andersen said.

However, it is important to note that Prince Harry and Markle didn’t also release a statement to defend Princess Anne when she was accused of being racist.

Princess Anne Dragged Into Royal Family’s Racism Row

Following the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, royal author Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Princess Anne was the one that had questions about Prince Harry and Markle’s son’s skin color.

Campbell also said that Princess Anne’s words must have been taken out of context. But since she’s an opinionated royal who has not shied away from voicing out what she thinks, everyone believed the royal author.

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Prince William, Prince Harry’s Relationship Remains Strained


In March, Prince William also told reporters that they are not a racist family. But even before this, he and Prince Harry already had a screaming match amid allegations that Markle bullied palace staff.

“I am told by the person to whom William described this, that William physically went round to discover Harry on the Kensington campus and they had a face-to-face showdown. It ended with William saying, ‘Well, I don’t want you in my household anymore,” royal commentator Robert Lacey told Page Six.

As of late, there’s no indication that Prince William and Prince Harry’s issues will be resolved and one can only hope.

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