Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife To Be Featured In ‘The Crown’? Duchess Will Reportedly Be Depicted As Perfect In Netflix Series

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton has not been featured in the hit Netflix series, The Crown.

After all, the royal family-inspired drama follows a very specific timeline. In the previous season, fans of The Crown finally caught a glimpse of Princess Diana and her sons, Prince William, and Prince Harry. In the upcoming season, a much older Prince William and Prince Harry will be featured on the show.

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Kate Middleton Could Be Portrayed In The Crown Next Season

According to Express, it is possible for a teenage Kate Middleton to be featured in the hit drama. However, nothing has been confirmed yet so it’s unclear who will portray the Duchess of Cambridge. But if she would indeed be featured in The Crown, royal expert Grant Harrold said that Prince William’s wife doesn’t have anything to worry about.

“Kate doesn't have much to worry about, her PR and image are perfect. There is nothing not perfect about her. At the end of the day, it's PR. Some bits are historical and some bits are drama - the palace has always been keen to remind people it is drama,” Harrold told OK! magazine.

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Kate Middleton Has The Perfect Image In The Crown

The royal expert added that whoever will be tapped to play Middleton in The Crown wouldn’t accept the role of the Duchess of Cambridge would be depicted negatively in the series.

“It will be positive. So, they may well see it as good PR. There will be an interest for them and she is likely to come face to face with the actress that plays her at some point at an event,” Harrold said.

The Crown Casting Teen Prince William, Prince Harry

Earlier this month, casting director Kate Bone urged talents to audition for the roles of Prince William and Prince Harry in their 20s. Since Prince William and Middleton first met when they were at the university, the upcoming season means that the Duchess of Cambridge could indeed be featured in the series.

The casting directors also stressed that they are looking for people that have a strong physical resemblance with the members of the royal family. And previous acting experience is not required.

“No previous professional acting experience is required. We are very experienced in providing a great deal of support for the young actors and their families through what they find is a uniquely rewarding creative process,” they said.

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Kate Middleton Is A Wonderful Addition To The Crown

Even though Middleton’s role in the upcoming season of The Crown will be relatively minor compared to Prince William and Prince Harry, royal fans still can’t wait to see her on the show.

“Having the Duchess of Cambridge is an easy win for The Crown, as it will get more people watching. But since she’s not a crucial part of the storyline, Kate’s presence is a bonus. They’ll only cast her if they can find the right candidate,” a source told The Sun.

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