Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband 'Distant', 'Hot-Headed' And 'Needy'? Duke Of Sussex Reportedly Taken Over By His Wife

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Credit: CBC News: The National/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry used to be a fun and loveable member of the royal family. but royal experts have been saying that the dad of two changed since he married Meghan Markle.

According to sources, the Duke of Sussex used to be warm and friendly when he was on tour and whenever he was around royal fans. But he has not become distant and isolated from the outside world.

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Has Prince Harry Been Exhibiting Changes Since He Wed Meghan Markle ?

While speaking with the Daily Telegraph, royal author Tina Brown claimed that Prince Harry changed for the worse since meeting Markle.

“He’s so emotionally needy that he’s been completely and utterly taken over by Meghan and his whole personality has changed. It’s a really sad thing to a great many people. Meghan seems to answer some huge needs in Harry and it seems like they are in a powerful co-dependency. And I do question how it will end,” she said (via Express).

Prince Harry Is Paying The Price Of His Decision To Quit The Firm

Brown also claimed that Prince Harry was catastrophically rude so he’s now paying the price for his hot-headed approach to his Megxit negotiations.

“The problem was that the way Prince Harry did it was so catastrophically rude that it got everyone genuinely angry and feeling that he just had to go. He was incredibly hot-headed about negotiating their exit. Dumping that website with all those terms and conditions before you have agreed on it with the Queen? He just alienated everybody. And now, unfortunately, he’s paying the price for it and so is England actually,” Brown said.

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Prince Harry’s Wife Struggled As A Royal

In her upcoming book The Palace Papers – Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil, Brown also talked about Markle and her frustrations for joining The Firm as a high-profile actress. The royal author claimed that the Duchess of Sussex couldn’t understand or accept how the royal family shut her down when she was so used to having a voice.

“Even as Meghan became bigger on the global stage, like Alice in Wonderland she had to shrink into the voiceless requirements of service to the Crown. She just couldn’t comprehend that. For an actress, star power is leverage. If you don’t get what you want as an actress, it’s, ‘Call my agent!’ But if you’re in the Palace and you’re married to the sixth in line, however big your star power, you are not that important to the Palace. I do understand how extremely frustrating that was,” she said.

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Prince Harry Stopped Being Friendly, Approachable During Royal Tours

Brown isn’t the only royal author to accuse Prince Harry of changing for the worse ever since he met Markle. Royal expert Arthur Edwards previously explained how Prince Harry changed during his royal tours since he wed his wife.

“Camilla would always say hello, Kate says hello, William, yeah, they’re all very friendly and so was Harry until he met Meghan, and then he became very very distant and he became almost, well, it was miserable. In fact in the end I didn’t do Harry’s tours. I didn’t do Harry’s tour of Australia, not with Meghan. I didn’t do Harry’s tour of South Africa with Meghan. I just find it very depressing with them. They just hated the media and it was miserable so I ducked out of them and sort of went with Charles to New Zealand and you know places like that,” Edwards said (via Geo. Tv).


Prince Harry’s Body Language Suggests He’s Not Happy

Last year, body language expert Judi James said that Prince Harry dropped some subtle clues that he wasn’t happy before he announced his decision to quit The Firm. James added that Prince Harry showed significant changes amid his feud with Prince William.

“I think we saw Harry change so much. I could always see the rift between him and William anyway, going back right to the first days of Harry’s marriage and meeting Meghan. He went from being this jack-the-lad character – and we used to see him all the time with William, looking like a couple of jokers! If they turned up at weddings – oh, here they come, what are they going to get up to! Particularly Harry. And then suddenly, and I think it could have been put down to the fact that he had got responsibilities in life at last, with a wife and then a child. But I think he was looking way too unhappy, way too serious, way too annoyed, really. Clearly, he had a very, very difficult decision to make,” James told Express.

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