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Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Duke Of York Advised To 'Vanish' Or Risk Contaminating Royal Family After Virginia Giuffre Settlement

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Prince Andrew was embroiled in a legal battle after Virginia Giuffre filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him. The Duke of York decided to settle the case out of court. Even if his legal battle is coming to an end, the public's perception of the royal hasn't changed. They still do not want to see him.

Prince Andrew Risks Contaminating The Royal Family And Should Vanish: Opinion

In an op-ed published in The Mirror after he settled the sexual assault lawsuit, the duke is advised to keep his distance from the royals. The piece claimed that the Duke of York has no way back to resume his royal duties.

"Yet Andrew, who is paying a substantial sum to his accuser’s charity, needs also to acknowledge that his life in the public eye is over," the article read.

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"Presenting himself as a champion of girls and women trafficked for sex will be unpalatable to many, after his friendships with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. There is nothing honourable about this settlement. Andrew should vanish, never again to be seen at public events, or the entire Royal Family will risk contamination."

Nick Goldstone, a lawyer with the disputes resolution firm Ince, said the settlement was likely a "huge relief" for the royal family. He also suggested that the settlement sum was likely "very generous."

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"In terms of 'the court of public opinion,' this looks like an admission of bad conduct on the part of Andrew and I suspect he will remain 'off-stage' from the royal family for the rest of his life," Goldstone was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

Prince Andrew Unlikely To Return To Royal Duties

Prince Andrew had stopped carrying out his royal duties since 2019, when his association with Jeffrey Epstein resurfaced. It looks like nothing much will change when it comes to his appearances.

An unnamed source told People that the decision about Prince Andrew's future was "widely discussed" within the senior ranks of the royal family — Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William. The outlet noted that he is unlikely to resume his royal duties and take on public work on behalf of Her Majesty.

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He will also not be able to use the style "His Royal Highness" in any official capacity. But he will retain his Duke of York title and place in the line of succession. He is currently in the ninth spot, next to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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