01 Feb 2018 3:23 PM +00:00 UTC

Pokémon GO Gets New Gen 3 Trailer Narrated By Stephen Fry

Pokemon GO has been gaining some momentum lately, thanks to the additional creatures from the series' third generation. Niantic has also made a ton of money from the game, showing that the mobile title is far from dead, despite some fans losing interest early on. It looks like the game's developers are trying to get fans into the mobile experience again, as a new trailer showcasing more Gen 3 Pokemon have been released.

Narrated by Stephen Fry of Frozen Planet and Blue Planet fame, the trailer is framed as a nature documentary, which is actually pretty neat. The animations for the Pokemon are fun to watch, especially on the new monsters. Gen 3 monsters like Minun, Plusle, Wailord, and Masquerain can be seen in the trailer.

Trailers for a new batch of Pokemon is nothing new for the mobile game but the effort put into this trailer does make it more interesting than most. Previous trailers felt like normal video game fare, with hints of nostalgia due to the classic Pokemon involved. While a new trailer doesn't automatically mean additional buys, some fans might be intrigued enough to try the game out again.

Pokemon GO can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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