Poker Face News & Update: Here's What Stephen King Thinks About Rian Johnson's Mystery Series

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Stephen King has written a short but favorable review of Rian Johnson's Peacock series Poker Face, as well as lauded the show's actress, Natasha Lyonne.

King has posted a short, enthusiastic review of the mystery-comedy, eliciting a comment from Lyonne, in response to the excellent reception that Poker Face has received.


Stephen King Praises Poker Face and Natasha Lyonne

On Twitter, King referred to Poker Face as "pure entertainment gold" and praised Lyonne's performance. The actor responded with surprise and respect and tagged the series' creator, Rian Johnson.

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The responses to King's review of Poker Face are largely positive, with some users expressing eagerness to view the series after learning of its acclaim.


The series, which recently premiered on Peacock, follows Charlie Cale (Lyonne), a woman with the amazing skill to detect lies regardless of an individual's alibi. Charlie traverses the entirety of the United States, uncovering some unusual motivations and odd crimes to solve along the way.

Johnson has always enjoyed exploring the mystery genre, beginning with Brick and continuing with the Knives Out films.

How is Poker Face Any Different From Other Rian Johnson Mysteries?

The series is not a "whodunit," but rather a "howcatchem" in which the mystery of the plot depends on how the protagonist would apprehend a known offender.


The plot is heavily influenced by Columbo, but Charlie is not a trained detective. She is an ordinary woman who stumbles onto murder mysteries everywhere she goes. Charlie uses her lie-detection skills to investigate the crime and identify the culprit.

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Poker Face is lauded for the fact that it successfully returned to television. Although there is an overarching plot about Charlie evading capture, each of the show's ten episodes focuses on a distinct case. Viewers are free to watch a Poker Face episode without feeling obligated to keep updated.

Poker Face debuted on Peacock on Jan. 26. The first four episodes were released at the same time, and the next six episodes will be released weekly.


Although the renewal of Poker Face for a second season has not been confirmed, it appears likely.

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