Dexter News & Update: Showtime May Be Planning Another Spinoff in Addition to Reported Prequel

Credit: ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ONE Media/YouTube Screenshot

Showtime is currently developing multiple Dexter spinoffs, including a prequel. Despite the cancellation of Dexter: New Blood last week, the Dexter franchise will play a significant part in the future of Showtime, which has just merged with Paramount+, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dexter Spinoffs In Development at Showtime

In development is a prequel telling the origin tale of the ambitious serial killer. As seen in numerous flashbacks throughout the original series, it centered on Dexter's adoptive father, police officer Harry Morgan (James Remar), teaching him to use his serial-killing instincts for a twisted kind of good, as opposed to evil.

Also on the network's schedule are spinoffs focusing on the origins of the infamous serial killers that entered Dexter's circle throughout the series. This includes Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, who leads a double life as one of America's most prolific serial killers despite appearing to be a mild-mannered family guy. Mitchell, who was portrayed by John Lithgow in the fourth season of the series in a performance that garnered him an Emmy, is regarded as Dexter's greatest adversary.

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Dexter Franchise Continues to See Success

Based on a series of crime novels by Jeff Lindsay, the 2006 television series Dexter starred Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, a Miami forensic scientist who channelled his uncontrollable urge to kill into murdering the city's numerous other serial killers, while evading his police colleagues and adoptive sister. After eight seasons, the series ended in 2013 with a widely criticized finale in which Morgan's sister died, and the "Bay Harbor Butcher" himself fled Miami to live a life of anonymity as a lumberjack.

The series was renewed last year with Dexter: New Blood, in which Dexter was killed by his long-lost son Harrison (Jack Alcott).

New Blood was the most-watched series in the history of Showtime, averaging eight million people each episode. It was stated that a second season, probably centered on Harrison, was being considered, but it was cancelled to make room for the other spinoffs that Showtime had planned.

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