Chicago PD Season 10 News & Update: Who Does Jesse Lee Soffer Play If Not Jay Halstead?

Credit: TV Guide/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TV Guide/YouTube Screenshot

New images from Chicago PD Season 10 tease Jesse Lee Soffer will return to the NBC procedural, but this time he will not play Jay Halstead.

Soffer announced his departure from One Chicago before the franchise's milestone year. The reason for his resignation is unknown, but the announcement was met with widespread condemnation.

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Details of Jesse Lee Soffer’s New Character in Chicago PD Season 10

Not long after Jay Halstead's resignation from One Chicago, a new Chicago PD Season 10 image suggests Soffer's return.

Soffer, as previously announced, will return to direct Episode 16. There have been no narrative details provided about the film, but based on the images supplied by the actor himself, it appears that Intelligence is running at full capacity for whatever case they are working on.

One Chicago's cast exits are nothing new due to the show's storytelling style. Unfortunately, Soffer's departure from the Chicago Police Department as Halstead was disheartening. He allegedly reached his limit after years of covering up crimes for Intelligence, prompting his decision to leave the police department and rejoin the army.

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His absence was intended to be brief, with him promising Upton that they would be reunited soon. That may no longer be the case because he secretly prolonged his stay in Bolivia.

Jay Halstead is Confirmed Alive

The good news is that Halstead has been confirmed to be alive so far. This means he'll always have the option of returning to Chicago and reuniting with Upton and the rest of Intelligence. However, he has a very minimal to nil chance of returning as a regular on Chicago PD. As a result, if he ever reprises his role as Halstead, it will only be for a limited time.

Whatever the case, seeing Soffer back on set for Chicago PD is a delight given how much he is loved as Halstead. He was able to return because he departed the One Chicago franchise on good terms with all of his coworkers. Having said that, it's still unclear what the genuine reason for his resignation is, as neither he nor Wolf Entertainment has commented on it.

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Chicago PD Season 10 airs Thursdays on NBC.

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