Pokemon Sun and Moon TV Anime Promo Video Shows Ash’s School & Z-Moves Adventure

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Pokemon fans can expect more than the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game to debut this year.

A new anime has already been confirmed, and it will contain more than just Pokemon hunting adventures. The new teaser promo video for the new anime has been released. And while it's not yet dubbed, it's easy to see what it's teasing.

Seen below, the trailer shows protagonist Ash (Satoshi in the Japanese dub) introducing himself into a class in the Alola region. There's one scene where Ash seems to be struggling with a question's teacher.


Of course, more than Ash going back to school, we also see him execute the Z-move that will be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Here, he does the move with Pikachu.

There's also a glimpse of some of the new Alola Pokemon, like the Bewear whom Ash encounters in the forest and in a not-so-friendly manner (just check out the Bewear's darkened stare). Team Skull may also be playing a role in the anime, as well see what appears to be some of the Grunts (there seems to be more than the two teased in the earlier trailers).

There's also a glimpse of two of the starters. Popplio is enjoying the sea, while Litten loses its cool appearance when it almost gets trampled by Ash and Pikachu. Poor Litten.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 23. The anime will be aired in Japan sometime in November.

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