Pokemon Sun and Moon Screenshots, Sales Figures Arrive Before New Info Bomb

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Pokemon Go is obviously not the only game set for this year. While many countries are already playing the AR game, everyone else will have to wait for November's Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Next week will introduce some more new information about the game, but it appears that new screenshots have been released via Amazon Japan (via Nintendo Everything). The screenshots are mostly gameplay images, with the trio of Pokemon starters seen above.


There's also a shot of the two Legendary ‘mons in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Lunala and Solgaleo, the Moone and Sunne Pokemon respectively. One image shows what looks like the Pokemon Center in the game.

There's even one shot that shows the Rotom Pokedex, the tool that's making a comeback with the game's latest iteration.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been enjoying some major success even before is release. In a press release from Nintendo Italy (obtained by DualShockers), the company revealed some pretty impressive percentage of sales for the Pokemon titles, even the older ones, which include Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y. All four titles saw an impressive increase in sales in the last three weeks alone, with the lowest being a 59% increase.

As for Pokemon Sun and Moon, it remains one of the most preorders titles to date. There will be some more information coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon on Aug. 1.

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