Pokemon Go Servers Now Back on After Crash from Hackers and Players’ Frenzy

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When you have something good, it's bound to get hacked. As in the case of Pokemon Go, it was only a matter of time until a group claims responsibility for bringing the servers down.

One online group PoodleCorp has acknowledged the deed on its official Twitter.


Of course, fans are not happy. After all, some parts of Europe were only just enjoying the game following its recent launch in the area.

Some have been creative in expressing their dislike of the act. Why ruin a good thing—especially weekend plans to play Pokemon Go?

But the good thing is that, the latest update from the Twitter page for Pokemon Go Servers has confirmed that most of the servers are up. Still, the moderators are calling out to fans to respond if the servers in their respective areas are working so they can get an idea of the issue.

For now, if ever the servers are working in your area, it may be best to avoid using lures, incense, and lucky eggs in the meantime. You never know when it can fluctuate and stop working again.

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