Pokemon Go In-Game Warnings May Hint at Possible Ban

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Old, new, and returning Pokemon Go players may be facing another hurdle. Just when there's 80 new reasons to get out and try to expand your Pokedex, it seems that the Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has found a new way to track people who are using third-party apps to cheat.

While there have been no concrete announcements via the official website, players have been gathering over at The Silph Road's Reddit to discuss the new warning. Seen below, the warning appears in the game, and it's more of a warning that seems to detect actions or app use that is associated with cheating.

"We have detected activity on your account that suggests you or someone accessing your account are using modified client software or unauthorized third party software which accesses Pokemon Go in violation of our Terms of Service. Please be aware that the use of such software can result in the loss of your account. If you have been using such software, we strongly encourage you to stop."

The folks and moderators over at The Silph Road have confirmed that the circulating in-game message is real.

"If you see this message, it is strongly recommended to change your password (if you sign in via PTC) or ensure no unwanted 3rd party apps are authorized to use your Google account. It is possible that you authorized a 3rd party app (map, IV checker, etc.) in the early days of PoGo that is now using your account for nefarious purposes."

This comes at a very inopportune time for Pokemon Go. The app has just experienced better numbers of players, following the decline with no ongoing events. But more than the threat of bans is the danger of previously used apps that may now be using one's personal information.

For now, make sure to reset that password, in case you've already encountered that black box of a ban threat in Pokemon Go.

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