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Platinum End: Is Nasse Evil?

Platinum End Nasse Evil

Months before it first aired in October 2021, Platinum End was hotly anticipated by many anime fans. That should come as no surprise given the original Platinum End manga was created by the same team behind the legendary Death Note series!

Like its older cousin Death Note, Platinum End tackles a lot of dark and challenging themes. However, the shinigami of Death Note are replaced in this series by angels. Despite their heavenly appearance, though, they’re just as suspicious.

The lead character is joined by an angel named Nasse who, despite her cheery looks, suggests some suspicious things. So, we’re taking a look and answering the burning question: is Nasse actually evil, or just misunderstood?

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Who is Nasse?

Platinum End Nasse red halos
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Nasse is one of the Thirteen Angels sent by God to search for his replacement. She chooses to save Mirai from committing suicide and convinces him to be her God candidate by promising to help him achieve his long-forgotten dream of happiness.

Nasse is also known as the Angel of Purity and is a Special Rank Angel, able to provide Mirai with wings and both red and white arrows.

It emerges that Nasse had been following Mirai for a long time before the process of choosing a new God began. During Platinum End, she tried to convince Mirai to commit certain evils, including killing people, to achieve his happiness.

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Is Nasse Evil in Platinum End?

Platinum End's Nasse with Red Arrows
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Ultimately, evil is subjective. While Nasse is certainly not evil to Mirai or his allies, it’s easy to see why she would be seen as evil to anybody else.

The first piece of evidence for Nasse not being evil is that Nasse followed Mirai before God announced the need for a successor. The angel makes clear that she cares for him and his happiness and will do anything to help make it happen; that’s certainly not an evil act.

However, Nasse is incredibly single-minded and blunt in her methods for achieving happiness. She regularly suggests to Mirai that he should commit what we would consider evil acts, such as murder.

These suggestions are certainly evil in our eyes, but to an Angel used to caring for the dead, they are simply a part of life that can be used to achieve various ends.

Ultimately, Nasse is known as the Angel of Purity. While there are two sides to any action that she and Mirai take, her motives can be seen as pure and not evil in themselves.

Is Nasse in Love with Mirai?

Nasse and Mirai in Platinum End
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Whether Nasse’s actions can be seen as love for Mirai is a bit trickier to understand. It’s likely Nasse loves Mirai in the familial sense, but likely not in the romantic sense that the word is commonly used.

Again, it comes down to her position as the Angel of Purity. In the same way a mother wishes the best for her child, Nasse will do anything to help Mirai be happy, even if it means doing something despicable.

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