Pirates of the Caribbean Star Johnny Depp's Finger Injury Allegedly Cost Disney Millions

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Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp's personal issue with his former spouse Amber Heard isn't doing his career any favors, that's for sure. In fact, his highly-publicized legal battle with the Aquaman actress has resulted in him being fired from Fantastic Beasts 3 where he was initially slated to reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald. Despite the fact that fans believe he's innocent, Depp's Hollywood image and resume have already been tainted and things aren't looking great for the legendary actor.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter chronicles Johnny's fall from the pedestal he once was, referring to it as the actor's "self-made implosion". The feature gives an in-depth look at his Disney firing which undoubtedly was the beginning of his downfall. I'm pretty sure a lot of you are well aware that Depp was the face of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but after the last film Dead Men Tell No Tales, Depp was let go from his Disney contract even though a supposed sequel was in the works.

A lot of people lambasted Disney for their decision to fire Depp but according to THR's report, Johnny's on-set behavior led to the ruling. Revealing details about his finger injury from 2015, the entertainment news site claims that it was sliced off during alcohol and drug-fueled clash with Amber. Following the incident, Depp reportedly had to fly to Los Angeles to have surgery for his injury which resulted in production delays for Pirates 5. It ended up costing Disney $350,000 initially but here's the thing, the filming was delayed for two weeks and according to the report, it may have cost the company up to $4.9 million.

Johnny has yet to confirm nor deny the claims but I gotta say, the man has been experiencing arguably the worst time in his life right now and it'll be interesting to see if he eventually makes it back to Hollywood. I mean, getting out of a messy situation where seemingly everyone is out to get you won't be an easy task, that's for sure. Hopefully, he'll be able to bounce back after all of this.

Disney is still moving forward with the Pirates franchise, only this time around, it'll be rebooted and will star Margot Robbie in the lead.

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