Pieyon Returns to Train B-Komachi in Oshi no Ko Episode 10

Oshi no Ko Episode 10 Pieyon

Oshi no Ko Episode 10 Pieyon

With B-Komachi’s debut about to happen soon, Miyako once again enlisted the help of YouTuber Pieyon to help the girls in Oshi no Ko Episode 10.

After helping Kana and Ruby make a splash on YouTube, Pieyon is back and is once again helping the girls practice for their upcoming Japan Idol Festival debut.

Though things aren’t as they seem as Pieyon looks quite a bit different this time around.

Spoiler Warning: There are Oshi no Ko Episode 10 spoilers in this article.

Pieyon Is Back in Episode 10, But Something’s Not Right

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Pieyon first appeared in Oshi no Ko Episode 5, where he collaborated with Kana and Ruby so that their new idol group can quickly get attention.

What followed was a hilarious workout dance video that even got a real-life version.

Since then, Pieyon has not appeared in the anime, but the beloved muscle-bound YouTuber finally made a return to help B-Komachi practice their dance routines.

As it turns out, Pieyon is a good dancer, so he’s the perfect trainer for them.

Aside from helping them practice, Pieyon even had a helpful heart-to-heart with Kana, who is struggling because of her negative past experiences. Kana even thought that she was falling for Pieyon.

Though it turns out that this Pieyon is actually Aqua Hoshino in disguise, as the real one is off on vacation but still helping remotely.

Kana discovers this and is shocked by the revelation, enough that she has trouble sleeping afterwards.

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Kana, Ruby, and Mem-cho Prepare for B-Komachi’s Debut

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While Episodes 6 to 8 put the spotlight on Akane Kurokawa, the last two episodes shifted the focus back to Kana.

Episode 10, in particular, is quite Kana-centric as it explored why she has a negative outlook most of the time.

It’s known that Kana struggled to get jobs after her child actress phase, but this new episode showed just how much her experiences wore her down.

Soon, Ruby and Kana have a heart-to-heart ahead of their turn to perform on stage. Ruby’s positivity seems to have done wonders for Kana.

Finally, the episode ends with the three B-Komachi members backstage as they prepare to make their debut.

Oshi no Ko Season 1 will end with Episode 11, which will be released next week on HIDIVE.

For those who can’t wait to know what happens next though, the manga is available now on Manga Plus for readers outside Japan.

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