Peter Weller is NOT Interested in Coming Back for Robocop Returns

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Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie may not be happening, but it had been recently announced that he would be revamping the Robocop franchise once more with a reboot/sequel. It has been said that he wanted original actor Peter Weller to reprise his role, but Weller is apparently not interested.

According to Super Bro Movies, representatives of Weller have confirmed that the 71-year-old actor is not interested in reprising his role of Alex Murphy a.k.a. Robocop. We don't know what kind of story this sequel is supposed to be about, but it's said that the story was based on a rejected plan for the original Robocop 2.


Back in 2014, there was an attempt to reboot Robocop with Suicide Squad's Joel Kinnaman, but the movie wasn't received so well, and it ended up killing the franchise once again. When it comes to this new film, it looks like it will be going the way of The Force Awakens and Terminator 6 what with a younger cast as the focus with actors from the original reprising their roles as supporting characters.

Though Blomkamp hasn't made a surefire hit since District 9, I have to admit, he's still a director that manages to grab the attention of audiences. He still has a good eye for VFX, and with a franchise like Robocop, I'm hoping he delivers the reboot that Hollywood has been waiting for.

No release date has been announced for a Robocop reboot.

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