Pete Davidson Dumped Kim Kardashian Who Can't Keep Up Between The Sheets? Ariana Grande's Ex Reportedly Hates Makeup Mogul's Body, Surgery Obsession

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Pete Davidson is tattling that his affair with Kim Kardashian crashed after nine months because the make-up mogul was a snooze in the sack, a new report claimed.

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Pete Davidson Revealed What Caused His Split With Kim Kardashian?

Sources told Globe Magazine, in its latest edition, that Pete Davidson has been telling her friends he got tired of Kim Kardashian because she could not keep up between the sheets. An unnamed source claimed:

“Kim was too self-obsessed and close-minded to satisfy Pete, or so he says. He got bored with being the one who made all the effort and found her insecurity and need for reassurance a major turnoff. He’s looking to sow his wild oats with someone who truly gets him and can keep up with his s*x drive, which Kim absolutely could not.”

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Pals are reportedly saying Pete Davidson also “hated her body and surgery obsession.” Kim Kardashian is said to be a “complete bore” in the bedroom despite all the provocative clothes she wore and sexy shoots, including her no ancient intimate video with rapper Ray J.

A spy said of Pete Davidson’s pals:

“His close friends know the truth. It’s a real insult to Kim.”

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Pete Davidson Relieved That His Romance With Kim Kardashian Ended?

Pete Davidson was reportedly spied in Australia recently, where he is filming the movie Wizards. The former beau of Kim Kardashian was allegedly donning a T-shirt saying, “What…I feel like sh*t,” at the time of the sighting.

The tipster furthered:

“[While he] feels bad it didn’t work out with Kim, he’s relieved to be done with her family dramas.”

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To recall, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian decided to break up and end their romantic relationship earlier this month. The couple, as per CNN, split amicably due to distance and schedules.

Both Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have yet to comment on the reports saying that the comedian has grown “bored” of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, that later led to their breakup.

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So, avid followers of the couple should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.


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