Britney Spears Doing Everything To Make Jamie Pay? 'Toxic' Singer Reportedly Talking About Surrogacy And IVF With Sam Asghari

Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

Britney Spears is still upset over what her father, Jamie Spears, and her family did to her, a new report claimed.

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Has Britney Spears Moved On From Her Dark Past?

Sources told Life & Style, in its latest edition, that Britney Spears is trying to put everything behind her. However, when she thinks about the years she has lost, it continues to anger her.

Most, if not all, fans are aware that Britney Spears and her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, have accused her father, Jamie Spears, and her former business management company, TriStar Sports & Entertainment, of being in cahoots to create the conservatorship, then use it to earn millions off her.

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In July, a judge ruled that Jamie must sit for a deposition and hand over documents concerning allegations he put Britney Spears under surveillance. Forcing her dad to testify under oath is the “Toxic” singer’s revenge.

An unnamed source said:

“She wants Jamie to pay for his cruelty and everything he did to her.”

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Britney Spears Has Found A Silver Lining

Meanwhile, Britney Spears is said to be thriving as she starts over nine months after breaking free of the conservatorship that controlled her for nearly 14 years. An unidentified insider told the publication:

“She would never say her years of being under strict conservatorship were healthy, but they did introduce her to therapy, which has profoundly changed her outlook. She used to beat herself up [and] blame herself for all her problems. She’s still a work in progress, but she absolutely loves herself today.”

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Britney Spears is also reportedly deeply grateful for Sam Asghari. The tattler described the “Gimme More” songstress’ husband as a “lifesaver,” adding that Britney adores how the actor calls her his “lioness.”

Though Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were devastated when she suffered a miscarriage in May, a spy dished that “they’re still determined to have a child.” It added that Britney “might try to carry another baby herself, but they’re talking about IVF and surrogacy, too.”

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Britney Spears is allegedly not giving up even after being forced to have an IUD inserted in her womb to prevent pregnancy during her conservatorship. The tipster furthered:

“The names she and Sam have picked out are adorable. She’s always said she’d name a girl Addison Shye – that’s still the frontrunner. They also love Rose and Sophie.”

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The same source added:

“Britney’s priority is to enjoy her life, have a child, create more music and perform again – on her own terms. She’s determined to hold on to this happiness as long as she can.”

Britney Spears has yet to comment on the reports saying that she wants her own father to pay for his cruelty. So, avid fans of Sam Asghari’s wife should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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