Percy Jackson Fans Slam Logan Lerman Casting Rumors Amid Official Poseidon Actor Announcement

No Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans can deny that the majority of the fandom have had their eyes set on former Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman to play the role of Poseidon in the Disney reboot. For weeks, fans have presumed that the actor has merely kept playing coy on being cast for the Rick Riordan series, in spite of his constant denying of the rumors.

Well, this is unfortunate news for those who expected Logan Lerman. The official Twitter page of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series has announced that 2002 James Bond villain Toby Stephens will be playing the Poseidon role, alongside Lance Reddick as Zeus. Check out the tweet below:

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Percy Jackson fans who had been pining for Logan Lerman to finally be unveiled as the father of Walker Scobell’s Percy may be disappointed, but half of the fandom are dragging the rumored fan casting to make fun of them. Despite the disappointment, Lerman fans are pleased to see that his Poseidon interviews had been no lie at all. Check out the fan reactions below:

Given that Rick Riordan previously teased how accurately the Poseidon actor delivered an iconic The Lightning Thief line, it is interesting to see how Stephens will be playing off the god of the sea and waters. Apart from being known for his Bond villain role, this makes Stephens the second Black Sails alum to be cast in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, with Jessica Parker Kennedy playing as Medusa being the first.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is expected to be released on Disney+ in early 2024. For more updates on this story, check out more details here.

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