Percy Jackson Fans Continue To Campaign For Logan Lerman Casting Despite Actor's Rejection

As you all well know, Logan Lerman has long been the frontrunner for Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans in being cast as Poseidon, aka Percy Jackson’s father. Lerman may have already denied any speculation on being cast on the show, with Rick Riordan also shutting down any possibilities behind Lerman being Poseidon on the reboot, however, fans continue to campaign that the actor is perfect for the role. Check out some fan tweets below:

Pretty recently, Rick Riordan has announced a cryptic message on Mastodon, in which he indicates he had just watched “Poseidon” recite an iconic line from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief that sent “chills” down his spine given how “cool” it was to hear the actor say it. Fans took this to heart as an indication that Logan Lerman might actually NOT be Poseidon, after all.

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What really stroke the fans’ chords is the fact that Riordan had announced the Poseidon reading on the day of Logan Lerman’s birthday, which could be read as two things: Lerman being cast as Poseidon on the actor's birthday or not. The majority leans on the latter. Due to this, some fans are already considering Riordan should make the casting a surprise announcement on the day of the release.

While nothing has been set to stone yet, Rick Riordan was clear on his decision when it comes to casting for Percy Jackson and the Olympians: he does not want a crossover-casting between the initial films and the reboot, which already implies Logan Lerman’s in jeopardy. Lerman, too, has already given his statement on the matter: he doesn’t know a thing and he has not been contacted by the author at all. Aside from the 31-year-old actor saying he is not old enough to play Percy Jackson’s father, he is not that interested in returning to the franchise himself.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is expected to be released on Disney+ in early 2024. For more updates on this story, you can check out more information here.

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