Percy Jackson's Grover Actor Learned To 'Walk Like A Goat' For The Role

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is based on the YA novel series by Rick Riordan, bearing the same name. Although his book series had its film adaptations initially, 2010’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and 2013’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Riordan has been looking forward to remaking it with a more faithful adaptation. Thanks to Disney+, Walker Scobell (Percy), Leah Sava Jeffries (Annabeth), and Aryan Simhadri (Grover) are set to become his new trio in the series. Recently, Aryan Simhadri shared his experience in learning to ‘walk like a goat’ for his Grover role.

Grover's hooves in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
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Grover's hooves in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Simhadri talks about the routine he’s been training for portraying Grover, a satyr who is half-man, half-goat. Grover had to disguise himself as human and in doing so, he had to hide his hooves and use crutches to keep himself from falling to the ground. Read Aryan’s full story below:

“I learned how to walk like a goat. I do that pretty much every day on set in conjunction with the vis effects that I wear. It’s gotten to the point where out in public, I’ll be walking on my toes like a goat. I have to consciously put my heel down on the ground when I’m walking.”

One of the major criticisms the initial cast faced in the film adaptations was aging up the actors, which of course, led to one of its downfalls in portraying the book plot accurately. Especially since making a film based on one whole book is not going to be enough in telling the whole story. It’s great to see that Percy Jackson is going to get its own well-deserved series to expand its universe. Plus, seeing this hilarious outcome from studying for Grover, there is no doubt the new cast is off to a great start in taking their roles seriously.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is set to be released on September 26, 2023 on Disney+.

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