Percy Jackson Author Slams the Movie Adaptations

It may have taken a while, but Disney is now looking to reboot Percy Jackson and the Olympians for Disney+. A lot of people are excited about the (hopefully faithful) reboot, and author Rick Riordan has come out to air his grievances on the original films.

When a fan had talked about one of the movie scenes being censored by Disney, Riordan replied with:

When some fans had expressed relief when Riordan hated on the movies, Riordan also commented:

As someone who actually read the Percy Jackson books, you can say that the movies kind of took a huge dump on what made the source material so interesting. I loved how Riordan was able to make the mythic Greek gods assimilate into the modern world, but instead, the films just portrayed them as stereotypical beings clad in armor. Not to mention they threw out the entire overarching plot with Kronos.

With the Disney+ series, Riordan promises that he's going to be working very closely with the show to make sure that it's more faithful to the books. Personally, I hope they manage to cast a younger kid as the title role of Percy, because there's something great about a child series where the protagonist grows with the audience. Just look at Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon.

No release date has been set for Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, but hopefully, we get a release date before the year ends.

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