Peacemaker Series Reveals Shocking Truth About Amanda Waller

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Amanda Waller is maybe one of the most pivotal characters in the Suicide Squad and now in Peacemaker, too, as she handles the task force who eliminates mysterious beings known as butterflies and the series reveals that there is a shocking truth about her that no one ever expected at all, having an inside person in the team, one who is really close to her.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker! Read at your own risk!

Peacemaker Series Reveals Shocking Twist on Amanda Waller

Peacemaker Series Reveals Shocking Truth on Amanda Waller
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Credit: HBO Max
Peacemaker Series Reveals Shocking Truth on Amanda Waller

While only appearing in a brief video call on the premiere episode of Peacemaker, Amanda Waller remains to be commissioned to create a secret task force to eliminate mysterious beings they call as butterflies. Being Amanda Waller, she doesn’t really put her trust on anyone and with that, she gets someone in the team to look after them for her.


Leota Adebayo, played by Danielle Brooks, gets in the team but while she looks fit to work with them, she is the inside person of Amanda Waller and a shocking truth has been revealed to the audience, unbeknownst to the whole team, that Adebayo is the daughter of Amanda Waller.

See, Adebayo is not like Waller in many aspects. She is more caring than her, obviously, and she knows her limits, that she is not in full control. She doesn’t want to be in this line of work but her mother used the fact that she and her wife were both jobless at the time and that she needs something for a living. While it isn’t exactly as what she planned, she has to do it, not only for her mother but for her wife as well.

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In a chat with, James Gunn shared the process of injecting a character like Adebayo in the series, he said, "I think that for me, really, it was about Peacemaker's political belief system, and some of the masculinity issues are part and parcel with that. It was about having somebody like Peacemaker, who has this umbrella of beliefs over him and believes everything he reads on the internet.”

Gunn added, “And then having Leota Adebayo, played by Danielle Brooks, who has a completely different way of looking at the world.”


Gunn pointed that love is central in the story, “Yet, somehow, they find something in each other that is common — and actually, they really love each other. That relationship, to me, is the central love story. It's not romantic. It's not sexual. It's just about two people who can see beyond the exterior of what people are, to who they really are as human beings.”

Gunn expounded more, “It is that understanding, and that compassion, that I think allows for change in this world, and I think that it's something that is not given out very easily. We aren't very generous, especially on social media. And generosity is something that we could all use a little bit more of, including me."

See more of Adebayo in Peacemaker releasing new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.