Peacemaker: James Gunn Hints Big Surprises Coming in Episode 8

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We're now days away before Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max and a lot of fans are excited to see the titular character's next adventure after the events of The Suicide Squad as well as the deep dive exploration on the character. Given that the series is a follow-up to The Suicide Squad and part of the DCEU, there are speculations that it might feature an appearance of a character from the film. As it turns out, that might actually be the case.

In an interview with Screen Rant, James Gunn was asked which episode he's looking forward to fans seeing and he responded that it will be episode 8 (aka the first season finale) in which he also hinted that there might be big surprises coming. The report noted that critics were only shown the first 7 episodes of the series.

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He said, "There's no doubt but eight. Eight is the best. Yes. Eight is great. And I love six, I have a special place in my heart for six, but eight is the one that I really am excited for people to see. As you probably know, we've kept it. We haven't shown anybody. Nobody knows what's gonna happen in eight. But I know what's going to happen. The cast knows what's going to happen. Some of HBO Max knows what's gonna happen. We're all very excited to show people the last episode of Peacemaker. The last episode of this season."

Gunn is certainly teasing that they are keeping a secret within the eighth episode and it hints that there might be a surprise character who might be making an appearance in the season finale. It could be someone from The Suicide Squad or someone in another DCEU project. There have been theories that the surprise character might actually be Viola Davis' Amanda Waller. We shall just wait and see once we're in the season finale to find out what the surprise will be.

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Peacemaker is set to premiere with three episodes this coming Thursday on HBO Max.

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