Park Min Young Relationship: Love in Contract Star’s Rumored, Confirmed Boyfriends

Credit: Park Min Young Official YouTube Channel / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Park Min Young Official YouTube Channel / YouTube screenshot

Like her K-dramas, Park Min Young had a colorful and interesting love life. Due to her extreme popularity, she couldn't escape the eye of the media and even fans especially when it comes to her relationships.

With this, the Love in Contract star was often embroiled in dating rumors, some it if were between her co-stars

Park Min Young Relationship: Rumored and Confirmed Boyfriends

Lee Min Ho

In 2011, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho starred in the action-packed K-drama, City Hunter where she played one of Blue House’s bodyguards, Kim Nana.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho took the role of revenge-driven Lee Yoon Sung, an MIT graduate who wants to take vengeance against the country’s five politicians.

At the time, City Hunter was one of the most watched series and even had adaptations in Hong Kong, and Chinese.

Besides their skyrocketing fame and soaring viewership ratings, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young made headlines after being involved in alleged romance.

During their promotional activities, the actress would often praise her co-star and vice versa.

Amid dating rumors, both stars publicly confirmed their relationship after airing the City Hunter finale episode

The relationship was also confirmed by their respective agencies at the time.

Unfortunately, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s relationship was short-lived after the couple called it quits in January 2012.

Park Min Young’s agency released a statement citing that one factor of it was their busy schedule as they were not able to meet for a while.

Following this, Lee Min Ho dated bae Suzy while Park Min Young chose to have her relationship a private affair.

Park Seo Joon

Besides City Hunter, one of Park Min Young’s remarkable K-dramas is the rom-com series What's Wrong with Secretary Kim opposite Park Seo Joon.

The South Korean heartthrob played young vice president, Lee Young Joon who thinks highly of himself and is disliked by his employees.

On the other hand, for nine long years, his trusted secretary, Kim Mi So, played by Park Min Young decides to leave the company to focus on herself.

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While viewers got hooked on the main characters’ love-hate relationship and on top of it, their undeniable chemistry, Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young were hit by dating rumors as fans shipped the two, claiming that they might be in a secret relationship.

Their respective agencies and even Park Seo Joon himself denied the rumors, clarifying that they are only co-stars in the K-drama.

However, in an article cited by Koreaboo, the actress revealed that she did try to secretly date once, unfortunately not with Park Seo Joon.

As for online photos that circulated online, Park Min Young says that these ‘evidence’ were clearly forced “but people started believing them” pointing out that there is “no truth to any one of them.”

On the other hand, the Hallyu star said that if ever she is dating, she would never post the person, especially on Instagram, and wouldn’t leave any traces of her with her special someone.

Is Park Min Young Single?

Currently, there is no news about Park Min Young being involved in a dating rumor.

However, she is booked and busy with back-to-back projects, especially with her forthcoming K-drama Love In Contract.

Park Min Young plays wife-for-hire Choi Sang Eun who is in a long-term contract with Jung Ji Hoo, played by Go Kyung Pyo.

Interestingly, she was hired by her new client, Hallyu star Kang Hae Jin, portrayed by Kim Jae Young.

Love in Contract is set to premiere on September 21 via tvN.

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